People from different corners of our country love eating jackfruit. They all have their own unique recipes to enjoy this healthy and delicious veggie throughout the year. However, most of us toss away one of the most wholesome part of jackfruit that is its seeds. Many are not aware of the fact that even the seeds of the jackfruit are edible. In fact, there are several dishes that are prepared using this amazingly healthy ingredient. And if you think we are talking about some new-age dishes, then you’re probably wrong. Jackfruit seeds are being eaten in our country for ages, not just for its soft and simple flavours, but also because it can benefit different organs of the body in the best way possible. Read on to know a few advantages of ingesting jackfruit seeds! 

Improves Eye-Sight 

Ever since we all have started working from our homes, the stress level has somehow increased. In comparison to most of the body parts, the distress has doubled for the eyes because you now keep on sitting in front of your screens all day long. While wearing specs and using a prescribed eye drop is one thing, we also need to eat foods that can help to boost our visions. The jackfruit seeds come with vitamin A, a nutrient popular for improving eye sights. One should always consume food rich in vitamin A because its deficiency can somehow lead to blindness, as per health reports. 

Fight Signs Of Ageing 

Fight Signs Of Ageing

Wrinkles and sagging skin is something no one wants to deal with as long as they are alive. But with increasing age and other environmental factors, people end up losing the elasticity of their skin. However, the good news is you can use jackfruit seeds to restore tight supple skin. Try this simple home remedy to fight wrinkles


  • Take 4-5 jackfruit seeds and soak it in milk and honey,
  • Later, grind it smoothly forming a thick paste. 
  • Lastly, wash it off with lukewarm water.

Keep Problems Like Anaemia At Bay 

Our body needs enough amount of red blood cells for the proper distribution of oxygen. However, women are often found lacking blood in their bodies. To avoid this one must eat foods that have an excellent concentration of iron. This nutrient found in jackfruit seeds is an essential component for the synthesis of haemoglobin. Experts have even regarded jackfruit seeds as one of the best items for treating not just anaemia, but also other blood disorders. Consuming it regularly boosts immunity, and also enhances the production of red blood cells. 

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Improves Hair Growth & Quality 

Improves Hair Growth & Quality

Beautiful bouncy hair is almost every girl’s desire, but only a few are blessed with it. Why keep envying when you can eat your way up to having gorgeous hair! As discussed earlier, jackfruit seeds are packed with vitamin A. Not only it is great for your eyes, but also highly advantageous for your hair. To make your mane strong from inside out, protein in it will promote hair health. On the other hand, there is also iron in it to boost blood circulation beneath the scalp, further leading to lesser hair fall. 

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Makes Immune System Stronger 

We want our immune systems to always remain stronger to keep external bacteria and viruses away from invading our bodies. Once this has been achieved you are likely to stay safe from most of the disease. But the question is how do we achieve that? Jackfruit seeds are packed with anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. It is also great to dodge infections and allow the protective shield of the body to function in the most efficient way. As per health reports, a protein called jacalin has been derived from jackfruit seeds, which has been scientifically proven to be effective in strengthening the immunity against the HIV virus as well. 

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