Saag, saagh or mustard greens are extremely healthy and synonymous to the winter season. Some of us do not like the leafy green but it is super nutritious and excellent for health. Here is a small write up on why you should have as a part of your diet. 

Rich in Antioxidants

Mustard greens have a huge amount of vitamin K, vitamin A and vitamin C. They are also an excellent source of manganese, folate and vitamin E.  Therefore this leafy green vegetable is good for asthma, heart diseases and menopausal symptoms.

Helps in Detoxification

The antioxidants and sulphur in mustard greens trigger detoxifying actions, which help in maintaining cardio health, avoid cancer and also prevent various other long-term illnesses and diseases. You can detox yourself with this expert-recommended diet plan too.

Healthy Heart

healthy heart saagh

Saag helps in decreasing levels of cholesterol and it is a tremendous source of good quantities of folate, which helps in avoiding homocysteine build-up. This helps prevent cardiovascular diseases.


Saag has Vitamin K and omega-3 fatty acids which are anti-inflammatory agents that help in lessening the risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, arthritis and more. 

Prevents Cancer

Mustard greens help prevent cancer because of anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties present in it. It is useful in preventing cancers of bladder, colon, breast, lungs, prostate and ovary, as per reports.

Dietary Fiber

Mustard greens are a fantastic method of obtaining dietary fiber. It encourages good colon health, manages metabolism and also helps with digestion.

Bone Health

saagh for bone health

An excellent source of both calcium and potassium, mustard greens encourage good bone health and assists in preventing bone diseases like brittle bones.

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Weight Loss

saagh weight loss

Vegetables with higher quantities of dietary fibre help in managing the metabolism and sustain body weight. Now saag qualifies for this. A major reason why you need to have this in your diet.

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Improves Mental Health

With age, our mental performance diminishes. As per reports, it is said that by having three servings of green leafy vegetables every day, may help reduce the loss of mental function simply by almost 50 percent.

Helps Asthma Patients

asthma saagh

Vitamin C in mustard greens aids in the breakdown of an inflammatory substance, histamine, that is overproduced in people struggling with asthma. Moreover, the magnesium content helps relax the bronchial tubes and lungs.

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