Hot summers days are just around the corner and we will be relishing various kinds of fruits to beat the heat. One among them is guava, the scrumptious treat that is packed with oodles of nutrition. While we love to enjoy its fruit, the seeds found in it are often discarded. 

Some throw them away as they don’t like its texture while eating the complete guava, others throw them because it might take a toll on their health. If you are one of such people, you need to stop wasting those amazing seeds and use them to your advantage. Read on to know how guava seeds can boost your wellbeing. 

How To Consume Guava Seeds?

How To Consume Guava Seeds

  1. Blend the seeds in a blender along with other fruits and have them as a smoothie. 
  2. Add in salads to boost the taste and health factor of your salad bowl. 
  3. You can also add guava seeds in yoghurt and have them between any meals. 
  4. Make a simple spread for your sandwiches. 

Health Benefits Of Guava Seeds

Health Benefits Of Guava Seeds 

Controls High Blood Pressure

In order to live a healthy life, it is a must that you have a stable blood flow. An increase or decrease in the rate of normal blood flow can turn out to be dangerous. If you have the issue of low blood pressure, wherein you feel dizzy, lazy, etc. The first thing to do is to consult a doctor. Also, you can have foods that are high in potassium and antioxidants, such as guava seeds. It will give you a quick boost, making you feel energetic.

Great To Maintain Cholesterol

Great To Maintain Cholesterol

Given the sedentary lifestyle most of us live, many are suffering from high cholesterol issue. This can affect your cardiovascular health, besides taking a toll on your daily functioning. To fight this situation, you must consume foods that are packed with fibre and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Both of these are great for maintaining cholesterol levels. 

Cures Constipation

If you are someone who relies on junks and fast foods, more than homemade meals, then suffering from constipation (yoga to prevent constipation) can be quite common. This is because junk foods are mostly loaded with grease that interrupts healthy bowel movements. To fight this, you must include great sources of dietary fibre. One of them is guava seeds, which will assist in better digestion.

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May Help Control Diabetes

May Help Control Diabetes

Diabetes (vegetables that are bad diabetes) is a common health issue affecting several around the globe. The worst part is once you have diabetes, you can only control it, as there is no cure. If you are diabetic, you must have a healthy lifestyle, wherein you should exercise and have healthy foods. Include dietary proteins in your daily meal as they play a major part in breaking down sugar and its compounds. 

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