Our body functions when it is properly nourished with nutrients and micronutrients that fuel different systems in the body. An amalgamation of these minerals, vitamins, etc, helps in the process of overall growth and cell development. And keeps our complete body in check.

A deficiency of these minerals and nutrients could lead to weak bones, a dysfunctional digestive system, weak or low immunity and slow cell generation, which is definitely not the best way to survive. It is essential to be healthy to be able to perform different activities.

And, we already know most of the vitamins and minerals that help our survival. So, let’s take a look at some very essential minerals that remain under shadowed and unattended.


minerals calcium

Calcium is the most vital mineral that plays a significant role in the development and preservation of bones. Apart from bone development, Calcium also helps the body to keep its crucial functions active. The main role of calcium is to maintain functions such as blood clotting and check the efficient working of some enzymes that are present in our bodies.

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To avoid the deficiency of calcium, one can keep consuming calcium-rich foods such as yogurt, milk, and cheese. Not only do these products contain calcium, but have other health benefits too.


phosphorus minerals

Phosphorus is considered as the second most essential mineral in our body that helps in producing, as well as, storing energy for use in times of need. It also works with vitamin B to filter out the waste from our kidneys, and thus, contributes to the overall health of the excretory system.

In scientific terms, the amount of Phosphorus required to keep our body functioning is 700mg. So, make sure you consume foods like eggs and dry fruits frequently, this will facilitate the absorption of phosphorus in the body and make you healthy and happy.


potassium mienrals

Potassium is an electrolyte that basically helps by conducting electrical impulses and keep your nerves functioning therefore this mineral is considered to very vital for the nervous system which sends messages to the brain and you are able to do things.

Further, Potassium normalizes blood pressure, maintains pH balance in the body, retains rhythmic cardio-vascular muscle contractions. That apart, this marvellous mineral also facilitates the cells with nourishment and helps in flushing their waste out if the body. To be high on Potassium power, munch on a banana daily, and say goodbyes to a lot of health issues.

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Our bodies contain about 100 grams of this mineral which is essential to help regulate water levels in tissues and blood. Sodium is found in high quantities in naturally occurring salt which is widely consumed by humans in day-to-day life. It is important to maintain the right amount of sodium in your body because its deficiency can cause problems such as low blood pressure and various bone diseases.


magnesium minerals

Magnesium is considered to be one of the most abundant minerals present in the human body. It is said that one out of four people worldwide is deficient in magnesium. So, it is required to keep a check on your diet to maintain its levels as it breaks down food into energy, repairs cells creates protein using amino acids, and also helps relax muscular tissues. A rich source of magnesium is brown rice and you can consume it as it also offers a lot of other benefits to your health.

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Note: A balanced diet contains most of these minerals and therefore it is vital that one eats a balanced diet. Along with a balanced diet, exercise and try maintaining a healthy lifestyle at all costs.

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