With the growing pace and busy lives, we have forgotten about some of the most beautiful and edible flowers which are available in abundance around us. These flowers when used regularly will add glow to the skin. In this article, have a look at the top 5 super flowers which are edible and assist in glowing skin.


gulkand for bridal glow nutrition

The wonder herb made from rose petals is a beauty elixir. Its richness in vitamin c helps in adding glow to the skin, prevents dehydration and soluble fiber in rose petals prevents constipation. It prevents blisters in the mouth which is caused due to an imbalance in gut health. If wedding stress is causing an imbalance in your hormones and if you are having stress acne, PCOS and PMS, gulkand (gulkand health benefits) will help you by uplifting your mood. Drinking gulkand sherbet or water reduces core body temperature and protects the body from external heat and prevents dehydration. Use 1 teaspoon gulkand in 100 ml cold milk or water every day. It is nourishing and hydrating. You can also add 1 teaspoon gulkand on your toast for breakfast as a spread.

Buransh Flower

Buransh flower blossoms in Uttarakhand in the Himalayas during Spring. This flower has immense health benefits. During this season (Spring season), these flowers are used in the preparation of various drinks like sherbets, teas, juices, and chutneys. It is a deep purple colour flower, making it rich inanthocyanins. Due to high anthocyanin properties, this is rich in antioxidants and adds glow to the skin. If you are heading up to Uttarakhand, definitely try this drink this season or stock some dried flowers in your pantry. You can make Buransh flower chutney or make Buransh tea by steep a flower in hot water or you can also make an ice tea or a punch by steeping buransh leaves in water.

Chamomile Flower

chamomile tea brides

This is our summer flower. These flowers are rich in terpenoids and flavonoids. Flowers are sun-dried and can be made into tea. It is rich in antioxidants and is an anti- inflammatory which helps in aiding sleep, reduces redness and skin rashes. The beauty of this flower is it helps to reduce open pores. Especially with a rise in temperature, both skin rashes and open pores are common. We can make a home toner using these flowers or just consume a cup of chamomile tea (chamomile for health and beauty) a day or make a punch. It reduces anxiety, helps in sleep which also helps in adding glow to your face.

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Banana Flower

banana flower

Use flowers of banana tree in making vegetable. In the South part of India, a protein-rich dish Adai-Vazhaipoo is prepared. Culinary experts recommend that the flower turns brown quickly so peel the outer magenta layer only when ready to use or soak in lemon water. Banana flowers are rich in protein and vitamin C, it helps in weight loss, prevents constipation, prevents anxiety, uplifts mood and has an immense anti- ageing property which helps in adding glow to your skin. It is a superfood for brides.

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Jasmine Flower

jasmin flower for brides

The aroma of jasmine flower relaxes our minds and brings calmness. The natural oils of the jasmine flower help in sleep, enhance mood and also add glow to the skin. Dry jasmine flowers and mix them with green tea leaves. Take 1 tablespoon of this mixture and add it to hot water and let it steep for 2 minutes. Strain and sip the drink to relax your mind. Even if you try one of these drinks mentioned above, once a day, you will have flawless skin for the wedding. Some other flowers like Hibiscus, lotus, mahua can be used externally like face mask or body scrub to add the glow. Oral intake of these flowers should be taken only under supervision they may interfere with your health like low blood pressure and low blood sugars.

Please note you may have an allergic reaction to some natural remedies or may experience issues with your gut if consumed in excess. Please take the above guidelines in moderation.

Swati Bathwal is an Accredited Dietitian, Nutritionist, Sports Dietitian, Diabetes Educator, and Public Heath Nutritionist.

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