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    Do You Know About The Interesting Health Benefits Of Bhang?

    Mention the word bhang and all you can imagine is a picture of Lord Shiva or a person on a feel good high. But did you know about the interesting health benefits of bhang?
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    Updated at - 2023-02-17,16:07 IST
    bhang benefits and side effects

    Bhang is the ultimate holi drink for all of us but it is also a holy drink for all the Lord Shiva devotees. Considered the favourite drink of the holy trinity God, bhang is also a special prasad for Maha Shivratri. While we all know about someone or the other who has had a wild time after drinking bhang, do you know about its interesting health benefits and side effects? Read on to find out.

    What Is Bhang?

    image of cannabis plant

    Bhang is a preparation of cannabis with cold milk. Three species of cannabis are used including cannabis sativa, cannabis indica, and cannabis ruderalis. Bhang is prepared by crushing the leaves of cannabis using a mortar and pestle which is then added to the milk and spices. Used mainly as a recreational drug, cannabis consumption is mostly banned but some parts of the plant can be consumed legally. In fact, Jaisalmer, Pushkar and Varanasi have government approved bhang shops. The raw material purchased from these shops is used in making deliciously chilled bhang lassi, bhang ke pakore, bhang laddoos, bhang chutney, bhang achaar, bhang kachoris and what not!

    The Legend Of Shiva’s Bhang Love

    lord shiva making bhang shivratri

    According to the Atharva Veda, the plant of cannabis is one of the five sacred plants. It is considered to be source of liberation, happiness and compassion. As for Lord Shiva’s love for this intoxicating plant, the story goes that once he had a fight with the family and started wandering off. Tired from the journey, he slept under a cannabis plant. After waking up, he was hungry and consumed a few cannabis leaves which made him feel revitalised in an instant. Such was the effect that it became his favourite treat to indulge in. According to another legend, after drinking the poison that came out of the churning of samudra manthan, Lord Shiva was given bhang to cool down. It is also said that apart from Parvati, only bhang could control Shiva’s anger and anxiety!

    Health Benefits Of Bhang

    tasty bhang lassi drink

    Bhang can only be beneficial if proper quantity of it is taken under medical guidance. There are several Ayurvedic preparations that include bhang consumption for the treatment of various health problems including:

    • Appetite problems. A moderate amount mixed with some eatable can be taken before meals to boost the taste and aid digestion.
    • Sunstroke and sunburn
    • Fever, nausea and chronic vomiting
    • Dysentery and other digestion related issues. 
    • Lisping and other speech imperfections
    • Stress and anxiety
    • A paste of bhang leaves can also soothe wounded or chapped skin
    • Bhang can also act as a painkiller as it soothes nerves
    • Trying to lose weight? Ask an Ayurvedic doctor and give bhang a try!
    • A paste of bhang can alleviate the complications caused by to arthritis or multiple sclerosis

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    Side Effects Of Bhang

    • Going overboard with bhang or consuming it the wrong way can have serious health complications. 
    • Never, ever consume bhang on an empty stomach. Always have it with snacks or eat something before having it
    • Never mix bhang with any other intoxicating drink such as alcohol
    • Don’t have bhang for fun if you suffer from heart problems, high blood pressure or some serious nerve disease. Bhang can cause psychosis.
    • Consuming bhang for recreational purposes can affect hormones. It can lower immunity, testosterone and sperm count in males.

    It is rightly said that excess of anything is bad so even bhang consumption follows that rule. While it is okay to make merry on holi or shivratri after having bhang, get a spiritual high with bhang ka prasad or get the Ayurvedic bhang treatment done, having it regularly just to feel good is a complete no no.

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