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Bharti Singh's Secret To Weight Loss Was Portion Control, Expert Shares What Does It Mean

Bharti Singh recently lost about 15 kilos by following portion control. Here is how you can follow it too.
Published -25 Sep 2021, 13:00 ISTUpdated -24 Nov 2021, 17:40 IST
bharti singh weight loss secret portion control meaning

Bharti Singh has been making news for her weight loss journey. The telly and Bollywood actor has managed to lose about 15 kilos of weight and her physical transformation has become the talk of the town. 

Bharti Singh's transformation is incredible and ever since her latest looks went online, everyone has been wanting to know what did she actually do to lose so much weight. 

According to a report by Indianexpress, Bharti Singh has come down to 76 kilos from 91 kilos without acting working out. She made major changes in her diet and it helped her lose weight. 

Bharti Singh's Weight Loss Secrets 

Bharti Singh in an interview with Indianexpress shared that she switched to intermittent fasting to lose weight. She said, “When we were doing Khatra Khatra Khatra, I would often talk to all these actors and they mentioned how they would fast long hours. I decided to give it a try. While initially, I would crave food late at night, I worked hard on it and now my body has accepted the new change. I don’t follow any diet, I just don’t eat anything between 7 pm-12 pm. I have my regular parathas, eggs, dal-sabzi, everything I have always liked.”
bharti singh lose weight
She further shared that her weight led to a lot of health issues. She was even at borderline diabetes. However, now after losing weight, she feels much lighter and doesn't even have any health issues. 

The Right Guide To Do Portion Control Like Bharti Singh

Bharti Singh shared that she controlled the size of her portion and followed intermittent fasting for weight loss. We spoke to Nutritionist Ekta Sood and asked if portion control is helpful in losing weight and how one can follow it right. Read on. 
What Is Portion Control?

portion control guide for weight loss

Nutritionist Ekta Sood shared, "Portion control doesn’t mean we have to eat less or we have to eat less than our hunger. Portion control means we have to eat as per our hunger but most people don’t understand what exactly is their hunger or if they are hungry or not."
Types Of Hunger

The expert shared that most people don’t understand the difference between physical hunger or emotional hunger. Physical hunger is when you are actually hunger means when your stomach is growling or your energy levels are dipping. Emotional hunger, on the other side is when you are sad or bored or super exited anything related to your emotion. She further shared, if a person does mindful eating, eats as per hunger, knowing how much food their body needs, when do they need to stop eating and when do they need food, they will never over eat.
How To Do Portion Control

portion control weight loss easy
The expert shared that portion control comes under mindful eating where one knows when and how much the body wants. Many people go out of control with there portion size when they sit in front of TV or laptop or phone while eating, they dont chew there food well and dont understand how much they have consumed. If the person sits and chews properly and gives time to eat they will never over eat.
Understanding the portion sizes and eating according to your physical needs has a lots of benefits like improving the gut, staying active. This happens because the person doesn't overeat and knows more about their body. 
Lastly, she shared that portion control doesn’t mean you have to weigh your food, every body is different and every body requirement is different so one should not follow any celebrities or influencers diet or portions for their own body. One should always eat accordingly to their body requirements and hunger and energy levels. 
Tell us your thoughts on Bharti Singh's weight loss journey. If you have questions to ask related to portion control, write to us on our Facebook page and we will get them answered for you. For more such stories, stay tuned!

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