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    Exclusive: Bharti Singh & Haarsh Limbachiyaa On New Show, Planning A Baby And More

    I had a quick chat with one of the most loved couples of the telly world, Bharti Singh and Haarsh Limbachiyaa. 
    Updated at - 2020-04-17,11:07 IST
    bharti singh on being mother

    I enter a room full of people, see everyone cracking up and then I see Bharti Singh and Haarsh Limbaachiya sitting in one corner teasing each other, being their funny selves. While waiting for my turn to interview the two, I could hear the two recalling their recent vacay. The laughter was contagious! The vibe of the room was so different, this didn't feel like a regular interview session. I was so excited to see these two and just couldn't keep calm!

    There are celebrity couples you want to sit down with and gossip for hours, Bharti Singh and Haarsh Limbaachiya are one of them. They last entertained us with their show Khatra Khatra, and now Bharti and Haarsh are hosting show India's Best Dancer. This dance reality show is being judged by Malaika Arora, Terrence Lewis, and Geeta Kapoor. 

    haarsh bharti singh

    Sharing The Screen Together

    The jolly duo is hosting the show and when the two share the screen, you know you are going to have a great time. Talking about sharing the screen again, Haarsh Limbhachiyaa said, "Whenever we work professionally like we did last time in Khatra Khatra or any other show, we don't really start behaving differently seeing the camera. We never fake it. It all comes naturally, just the way we are at home. That's what people like the most."

    "We really don't get enough time to talk to each other. He is usually busy with his team of writers in his vanity van and I am busy with my staff. It's just when we reach back home that we gossip a little," Bharti shared as I asked her how do they find time for each other in between their hectic work schedule.

    Bharti on hosting the show with husband Haarsh shared, "Haarsh is neither writing for the show nor producing it, he is my co-host, I hope he doesn't make any mistakes. (laughs)."

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    Dancing On The Show

    Will two dance on the show? Bharti said, "I can dance, don't know about him (laughs)." "I don't really know how to dance but when I have to I will dance even if people laugh," Haarsh quipped.

    "One reason why Haarsh gave a nod for the show is Malaika Arora. Haarsh keeps stalking her on Instagram and sees her fitness videos and gym looks, keeps praising her. Now he will get to see her judging the show finally. So he is prepping a lot for his looks (laughs)," Bharti added.

    bharti haarsh show

    Bharti and Haarsh have a fixed plan to spend quality time with each other. Comedy Princess Bharti Singh said, "We were on a holiday for 15-17 days in Europe lately. We planned it already. We decided to work hard all year and then go for a holiday for 10-20 days, taking out time from work."

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    Recalling Their Wedding

    Bharti and Haarsh got married back in the year 2017 and it was one of the most talked-about weddings of the telly world. I asked them to take me back to the fondest memories of that time and Bharti had something really interesting to share. She said, "Haarsh never wanted a big fat wedding, he wanted it to be a close wedding but I wanted it to be grand. The funny part was that we invited around 250 guests but 700 people arrived at the wedding. We realised when we started paying bills."

    marriage bharti harsh

    "Haarsh was the coolest groom at the wedding. He was super chill all the time and I was the one taking care of everything, from making bills to allocating rooms to all the guests," Bharti added.

    "I am a very calm person and never show much enthusiasm. I like to stay that way," Haarsh said.

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    One thing everyone wants to know is how the two manage to share such an adorable relationship with each other and this time when we met them, we didn't miss the chance. Bharti said, "It is our love and understanding that everyone sees. We don't get enough time with each other, we may not express our love but there is care. He loves me so much and cares for me a lot. I am always worried about his food because usually he forgets or eats something unhealthy."

    bharti singh on becoming mother

    Bharti On Becoming A Mother 

    "I want to become a mother," she says with a big smile as I ask her what mark she wishes to achieve in her life next. "This year we are planning a baby. Its been 2 years we got married and now our mothers have started talking about it indirectly."

    Bharti Singh, who has shattered beauty stereotypes in the past as well had a beautiful message for all the women out there. She said, "Every woman should stay really positive about her body because this is a god gift. A lot of people are really conscious about their bodies but still don't look fit but you can't do anything about it. I never think about body shaming. The way I look is my plus point."

    "Whenever I tell Haarsh I want to look a certain way, want to slim down my face, he tells me why do you want to do that? He loves me the way I am. If your partner loves you the way you look, nothing else matters," she smiled. 

    Bharti and Haarsh are indeed one of the most adorable couples of the telly world and its always amazing to see them together!

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