Have you heard, “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.” For all those who have been working lately on their bodies to shed those extra kilos must have heard that skipping the last meal really helps. Honestly, I tried it too. 

Almost a year back one day when I asked my personal trainer to write down a diet for me, he said, eat anything during the day but never have dinner. He told me, have anything before 7 but not after that. He said I need to skip my dinner if I want to lose weight quickly. 

I felt different for a few days but then I realised it really worked. I was able to shed a lot of weight after I started skipping dinner. Other than helping you lose weight quickly, not having your dinner also has some surprising benefits for your body. Read on.


With our hectic working schedule, a lot of us reach home late and end up having our dinner really late. Having your dinner late makes you feel bloated and this worsens your condition in the morning. This will make you feel uncomfortable when you wake up and this ruins your entire day. When you skip your dinner, you feel fresh and light in the morning.

Our digestive system doesn't work properly at night. Having a heavy dinner at night means that you will have to suffer from indigestion as your system isn't able to digest it properly. This disturbs your sleep and that further affects your overall health.
According to a lot of studies, skipping dinner is an easy way to lose weight. Eating lesser calories helps you shed those extra kilos and skipping your meal is an easy way to cut down the calories from your diet. Dinner is the heaviest meal of the day and skipping it helps you save all those calories.
After skipping your last meal, you wake up with more energy and this you can use to hit the gym. You head out to the gym with more energy. This helps you burn more calories.
Not eating dinner helps you balance your blood sugar levels. Not having processed or sugary foods at night will help keep your blood sugar stable at night. This further helps you sleep well and you wake up fresh. 
A study suggests that not eating before going to bed helps you control your hunger hormone. It helps you control your hunger pangs. 

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Skipping dinner may work for people who want to lose weight quickly but that doesn't mean you eat anything all day. You need to keep a check on the calories you have during the day. You need to keep your diet really healthy to maintain a balance.
Skipping dinner isn't recommended for everyone. For example, diabetics should never skip their meals as it can have a negative impact on their glucose level. If you can't skip, you should make sure that you don't have fattening foods or unhealthy foods. 
If you have any health concerns then make sure you consult your doctor before.