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Know Some Amazing Health Benefits Of Drinking Bay Leaves Tea

Bay leaves may seem annoying when finding them in your meals but they have some amazing benefits. Read ahead to know more.
Published -14 Jun 2021, 17:41 ISTUpdated -14 Jun 2021, 18:00 IST
bay leaves tea main

Bay leaves is proven to be extremely beneficial for health. However, it is really annoying when we find a bay leaf in our meal. Therefore, we are here with the way to consume bay leaves without getting irritated by it. Just make a bay leaves tea and you will be sorted as it won’t bother you but at the same time, you will absorb all of its nutrients. Read on to know the recipe of bay leaves tea.

Bay Leaves Tea Recipe

bay leaves tea bowl

Bay leaves tea gives out a flavourful and soothing smell to your tea and at the same time, adding bay leaves will enhance the taste of your tea. However, there are several ways to make bay leaves tea but today, we are going to tell you about the pure bay leaf tea.


•2-3 cups water

•4-5 bay leaves


1.If you have fresh bay leaves then you take 3-4 bay leaves and cut them in small pieces. If you do not have fresh bay leaves then you can use the dried bay leaves.

2.Pour water in a vessel and boil it.

3.Add the bay leaves to it.

4.Steep it overnight.

5.Strain the water and pour into a cup. Bay Leaves Tea is now ready for consumption.


We have learned the recipe of bay leaves tea but it is also important to know about all its benefits. Read on to know about it. 

Healthy Heart

bay leaves tea heart

This tea can help to toughen the walls of the heart as it contains rutin and caffeic acid. Along with this, it also helps to decrease the levels of cholesterol which can help reduce the risk of heart attack and strokes.

Relieves pain

These leaves also contain anti-inflammatory properties which helps to reduce any kind of pain including sprains, joint pain, and arthritis.

Anti – cancerous Effects

It is proven in some studies that bay leafs contain some properties that are helpful in destroying cancer cells. This is because it contains phytonutrients and catechins hat can help in eliminating cancer cells from the body.

Treats kidney Stones

A lot of urease can result in the development of kidney stones and other gastric problems, however, bay leaves help to reduce the levels of urease in the body. 

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Cures Sore Throat

bay leaves tea wood

 Bay leaves can help unclog stuffy air passages and get rid of bacteria, thus, providing you relief from cold or cough. Bay leaves are extremely beneficial for any king of respiratory problems. 

Lowers Anxiety And Stress

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 After a busy and stressful day at work, try drinking a cup of bay leaves tea and it will lower all your anxiety levels and help you relax, thus, getting you ready for another stressful day at work. 

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Combat Diabetes

Regular consumption of this amazing tea can help you fight against type 2 diabetes as it increases the insulin production, thus, controlling the levels of glucose in the body. 

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