Jaggery or gur is consumed all across the country for its amazing health benefits. Not just jaggery has been a part of our food culture but Ayurveda too. It is commonly used in the preparation of Ayurvedic medicines for its therapeutic and pharmaceutical properties. 

Jaggery is believed to be a natural sweetener and a healthier alternative to sugar and that's another reason why it is much consumed across the country. However, along with benefits, jaggery also has its own disadvantages. 

Jaggery Can Make You Gain Weight

Not many people know this but yes, jaggery can make you gain weight. It is sugar and contains carbohydrates too. If you are on a weight loss plan, it might not be a great idea to consume it. If you wish to, it should be consumed in very little quantity. 

What Does The Expert Say?

Dietician Simran Saini shared that jaggery or gur should be consumed in moderation and it is better to consume it during the winter season. 

She cited the reason to be the high amount of sucrose and carbohydrates present in them. She shared that it can raise blood sugar levels if taken in excess. 

jaggery health

The expert said, "if consumed in excess during summers being hot in nature can cause indigestion, or nose bleeds."

She further added that jaggery can only have side effects if it is consumed in large quantities. So to prevent the same, one must have it in moderation. 

Jaggery Can Raise Blood Sugar Levels

Though is a healthier alternative to sugar, it is sweet too. Consuming it too much can be harmful.

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Jaggery Can Make Your Nose Bleed

Consuming jaggery or gur during the summer season can lead to nose bleeding. It is best to avoid consuming it during this hot and humid weather. Even if you do, make sure you don't eat it too much.

Jaggery Can Increase Inflammation In The Body

jaggery side effects disdavntages

According to a lot of studies, the sucrose present in jaggery can increase inflammation. The sugar content present in the jagger can lead to swelling in the body. Those who have inflammatory conditions such as arthritis should completely avoid consuming jaggery.

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Jaggery Can Lead To Indigestion

Do you know jaggery can also lead to constipation? However, this health issue is believed to arise only if one is having fresh jaggery. Having it too much can also lead to diarrhea. 


If you are someone who is allergic to jaggery then you will see side effects such as rashes, fatigue, fever, headaches, stuffy nose, rashes, nausea among others. If you experience any of these after consuming gur, make sure you stop consuming it right away.

Remember that jaggery is one food item that can be easily adulterated and if that happens then it can do more harm to your health. The adulteration of jaggery usually involves the addition of chemicals which can lead to a lot of health problems. Always buy good quality and unadulterated jaggery.

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