Are you not feeling like your old, energetic self? Is every task feeling like it’s sapping the strength out of you? A burn out or deficiency of nutrients can cause tiredness and fatigue without us even realising so. We often get so busy in our daily schedule that even after feeling tired, we tend to overlook what we are eating. Yet the key to staying fit and energetic lies in our diet and lifestyle only. If you have been feeling very stressed and lethargic lately then try adding these iron-rich foods to your diet to see a difference. From leafy greens to nutrient-rich nuts, there are many foods that can help you get back to an energetic routine. 

Why Is Iron A Necessary Nutrient?

Your body needs iron to produce haemoglobin which is a protein that helps in sending oxygen to the red blood cells in your body. A deficiency of iron hinders this process which results in an imbalance in the body. Women need a daily dose of 30 mg in their diet while the dietary recommendation for men is 28 mg.


pomegranate fruit rich in iron

Fruits are not just there to fill your tummy when you feel hungry, right? They can help you fight stress too. Fruits like pomegranate are good for red blood cell production as they contain polyphenolic flavonoids that reduce oxidative stress and regular consumption also adds to the blood count. Pomegranates also have high fibre content and keep the heart healthy. Eating sun-dried tomatoes daily can also add approx 20% iron content to your body.

Green Leafy Vegetables

green leafy vegetables spinach rich in iron

Greens are the biggest source of iron in your diet. Whether you have them in salads or as cooked sabji, green leafy vegetables like methi, paalak are the best bet to staying healthy and full of energy.

Nuts And Seeds

nuts and seeds rich in iron

Walnuts, almonds, cashews, dried apricots or dried pumpkin seeds, chia seeds are a good source of iron. You can include them in salads or munch away a little quantity to replenish the iron deficiency in your body.

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Red Meat

red meat

It may contain trans-fats and cholesterol but red meat is also a good source of iron. So include red meant in your diet in moderation if you are a meat-eater. Instead of having rich curries, try having mutton soup or add mutton broth to any curry.

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lentils rich in iron

Having dal chawal may sound like the easiest thing to do since it’s such a comfort food but do you know that it can help you feel energetic too? Dal or lentil has 18% of the daily recommended dosage of iron, so include it in your daily diet to stay healthy.

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