No matter how busy you are with your work, you can't neglect taking care of your health. When we talk of well-being, we can't miss talking about intimate hygiene. It is important for your overall health. 

A lot of women pay very little or no attention to their intimate hygiene. Not just it helps you stay fresh but also helps keep health issues at bay. Intimate hygiene after urination is more crucial and shouldn't be ignored. After urination, it is important to clean yourself properly. 

We asked Sarthak Taneja, Co-Founder, Skin Elements to share some tips women should keep in mind for intimate hygiene after urination. Read on. 

The expert shared, "First, it is important to understand that the vaginal opening (the vagina) and the urethral opening (through which urine passes) are different. The female reproductive system has three separate openings – the urethral opening, vagina, and anus, from front to back in that order. Understanding these openings and their placement ensures better hygiene."

Read on to know some quick tips that can help prevent the growth of unhealthy bacteria in your intimate area and ensure good hygiene. 

1. Keep Your Underwear Dry

Remember that moisture and heat are the ideal breeding ground for bacteria. It is important that you always keep your underwear dry. After urinating, always wipe yourself dry. This will ensure that no unwanted bacteria starts to breed on your undergarments. While wiping your intimate area after urination, make sure you wipe your pubic hair too, and then pull up your undergarment. 

keep underwear dry

It is always a good idea to change your undergarment if it has moisture. Clean your intimate area, dry, and wear a fresh undergarment.

2. Wipe In The Right Direction

After urination, it is important that you wipe in the right direction. You can use toilet paper to dry the area but make sure you don't wipe it towards your vagina. You can gently wipe down to keep your intimate area dry. 

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3. Do Not Over-Wipe 

intimate hygeine tips

Yes, keeping your intimate area dry is important but that doesn't mean you will start to over wipe after urinating. Always remember that your intimate area has a natural moisture, a fluid, and natural discharge from the vagina. They are healthy, natural, and cause no harm. However, if you wipe too much it can lead to vaginal dryness and itchiness. 

A lot of intimate hygiene products are now available in the market these days. However, make sure you don't overuse them and read the instructions mentioned carefully before use. 

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4. Don't Use Any Soap Inside Your Vagina

vagina hygiene

This is one thing every woman needs to know. Our inner vagina has a self-cleaning mechanism. You don't need to clean the inside with a soap or anything, it keeps itself clean naturally. 

You don't need to use a soap or wash to clean your vagina from the inside. They can be used to clean up the external areas but should not get into the internal wall of the vagina. Even if you are using a specialised intimate soap or wash, make sure you read carefully if it's safe to use on the inside. 

We hope these tips help you ensure intimate hygiene while preventing dryness, UTIs among other infections. For more such stories, stay tuned!