Menstruation can sometimes be very uncomfortable but sometimes it can also trigger a rash making it all the more uncomfortable. This is a common problem, lot of women face during periods and almost of us have suffered from period rashes. However, the truth is that they are quite preventable, and one can take care of it. Your thighs and vaginal area develop rashes when you spend the entire day wearing pads. Rashes are often can be painful and they cause inflammation, which makes us feel uncomfortable, cranky and irritable.

To minimise and prevent the development of period rashes, Paridhi Mantri, Lead, Consumer Insights and Product Innovation at Paree, shared with HerZindagi, a few tips and tricks to make things easier.

For a comfortable period, here are five simple things you can do.

Change Your Pad

pad change

It is very important to keep changing your pads every 4-6 hours, especially during heavy flow days. Heavy flow leads to wetness which in turn can cause rashes if the same pad is worn for a very long time. Hence, it is recommended to change pads frequently if you want to avoid rashes.

Your Hygiene Is Your Priority

Always keep yourself clean and dry down there while menstruating, as it is very important. Cleaning your private part with lukewarm water regularly and properly is more than enough. Avoid using any cosmetic soap or cream, as these products can be harsh on your private parts.

Choose The Right Pad

right pad

Our body is prone to rashes and itchiness while experiencing periods, converting periods into a messy affair. Therefore, it is very important to select the right pad depending upon your flow type and skin type. A pad with quick absorbent with soft and good quality outer layer is the perfect solution for your special days. You can experience rashes while using dry sheet (PPF sheet) pad due to the humid and dry weather. Pads with soft-top sheet-like hot air absorb well and make you feel softer as well. 

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Perfect Underwear Is The Key

perfect underwear

The perfect solution for your periods is the Cotton underwear that lets your skin breathe and makes sure that you are not sweating. This helps in proper ventilation and no moisture is build up which leads to very less chances of developing rashes.

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Usage Of Antifungal Powder/Antibacterial Powder

Keeping your vaginal area dry and moisture free is very important. To prevent chafing and rashes and no bacteria contact, dry out the area with clean tissue paper, finishing of with an absorbent antifungal/antibacterial powder.

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