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Home Remedies To Help You Avoid Loo In This Heatwave!

Are there ways you can avoid loo? Here are some home remedies that could work for you! 
how to avoid loo home remedies

With increasing global warming, the population of this planet has been facing a major crisis when we speak of its rising temperatures. Be it winters or summers, you are likely to face extreme conditions, for which loo has become a concern this summer season. 

To keep yourself away from this heat-caused illness, here is a list of home remedies that could potentially work wonders for you as they do for others! 

Wear Cotton 

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Clothing is the first item that may make you a victim of sunstroke, thus, you need to pick your summer clothing accordingly. 

Cotton happens to be the most comfortable and breathable fabric that is best suited for weather conditions like these. Cotton clothing will allow your body to breathe while giving you a sense of style too! The fabric will not stick to your body, which will maintain your body temperature as it will not cause any irritability. 

Using Onion Paste 

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Recommended by Ayurveda, the onion paste home remedy has to be one of the best remedies out there for when we are speaking on heat strokes and their prevention. 

To make the best use of this food item, make a paste and apply it to the forehead of the person. Applying onion juice to the back of the ears and chest is also helpful in keeping the body temperature down.

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Have Plenty Of Water

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As obvious as this advice sounds, water should be the most important intake water. Water is going to keep your body well hydrated and going while you are out in the heat. It will maintain your stamina and get you the things you essentially came out to do! 

Water not only keeps you hydrated but also has a visible effect on your skin, resulting in less active acne. A good water intake ensures the removal of toxins from your body, either in form of urine or sweat. 

Water is one of the best coolants there ever is for ever you face a heat stroke in your life. After you sweat, the evaporation will make your body temperature come back to normal, relieving you of the heat! 

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Not only is this delicious drink a well deserved accompanied with your lunch or dinner, but it also happens to be a great remedy for you preventing sunstroke. Buttermilk/chaach consists of natural supplements that help you maintain your body temperature in this heat. 

The probiotics present in it help replenish your body temperature with essential minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients that are lost due to excessive sweating.

How About Raw Mangoes?

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Not only are raw mangoes tasty, but they are a good source of Vitamin C. It is a healthier choice for a healthier lifestyle. You can find this delicious fruit to your rescue and let it help you when you are going through a major heatwave like this one! 

Raw mangoes are considered one of the most promising home remedies for heat strokes. You can relish your taste buds with a juice, also known as Aam Panna. You will find many different recipes for the same drink, as everybody happens to have a different sense of taste! 

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