Heat Wave 2022: Quick Tips To Survive It Without Air Conditioning

With these easy tips and tricks, you will find it much easier to beat the heatwave this year. 

Tanya Malik
tips to beat heat wave

Heatwave has taken over most parts of India, especially the North covering Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, and UP. Many states have been experiencing heatwave conditions with the temperature touching almost 50 degrees celsius. The temperatures are going up in an upward trend and there is no sign of relief.

The situation is much worst for those who have to step out for work everyday or who do not have air conditioners, coolers at home. Surviving these extreme temperatures without such amenities is quite challenging. So, here we thought of sharing some quick tips with you which will help you survive the heatwave this year.

Use The Cooling Power Of Water

Take advantage of water as much as you can this hot season. If you are stepping out then fill a spray bottle with cold water and keep it handy. Keep spritzing it on your face throughout the day to stay fresh. At home, you can take a small towel and dip it in cold water. Use this wet cold towel over your head to stay cool. You can also fill a bucket of water and soak your feet in it to feel cool.

cooling water

Another way is taking a cold bath more than once a day. This will help you lower the temperature of your body and make you feel a lot better.

Avoid Drinking Caffeine Rich Drinks

You will only add to the heat if you drink caffeinated drinks like tea or coffee. Avoid these completely during this season. Instead, have a glass of homemade sharbat or lemon water to quench your thirst on a hot day. (Get rid of caffeine addiction)

Skip Oily, Fried Foods

You might feel like having something nice while at home but avoid having foods that are oily and fried. These will heat your body from the inside and make you sweat more. Have light foods like a fruit salad, khichdi, and stirred vegetables to stay light and fresh all day.

Visit Places With Air Conditioning

You might not have an air conditioner at home but there are many public places that have air conditioners working all day long. Step out and spend your day in such buildings to stay cool. Shopping malls, and libraries are the best places to visit during this time.

Stay Hydrated Through The Day

drink water heat wave

To beat the heatwave, you need to keep yourself hydrated all day long. Keep water handy all the time and sip it through the day. You can also have drinks with electrolytes. Prepare these drinks in a bottle and take them along wherever you go. (benefits of drinking water)

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Keep Your House Covered

keep house covered

While inside your house, make sure you prevent sunlight from coming inside. Close the curtains and this will help you keep the indoors cool as long as possible. At the night, when the temperatures go a little down, open the windows and let the cool air come inside.

Wear Cotton

What you wear during this hot and humid weather makes a lot of difference. Make sure you only wear cotton during this heatwave. Cotton is light and breathable, just what you would want to feel. Also, replace your sheets or blankets with those made with cotton to keep yourself cool through the night.

Switch Off The Lights

Light bulbs in your home generate a lot of unnecessary heat. If not in use, switch off the lights. This will keep your home a lot cooler.

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Keep A Bowl Of Ice In Front Of Your Fan

An easy way to make your own air conditioner is by placing a bowl full of ice and cold water in front of your fan. As the ice will melt, the fan will distribute the cool air across the room.

We hope these tips help you survive the heatwave this year. For more such tips, stay tuned!