Meditation is slowly gaining more and more popularity as those seeking peace are finding solace and spiritual retreat in this method that is also proving to be one of the best ways to establish a balance in life. But one common problem that most beginners along with others face while meditating is drowsiness and a pull towards sleep.

Since there is a very fine line between sleeping and being in a perfect state of meditation so, it is natural to feel sleepy while meditating. But eventually one has to learn to avoid that in order to be able to meditate properly and efficiently.   Let us, therefore, take a look at some ways to avoid feeling sleepy while meditating.

Some Reasons Why You Feel Sleepy

Lack of sleep

Meditation is the act of amending your mind in such a way that it functions better. It helps you improve your memory, reduce stress, and makes you more efficient as an individual.  And as per experts, meditation isn’t what’s making you fall asleep, but it is lack of sleep.

The thing is meditation makes you alert while your lifestyle can be responsible for an inefficiency to do it.  Lack of sleep, deficiency in nutrients, and stress are the major reasons why you feel sleepy all the time.  Thus, you must work to remain active, further boosting a proper lifestyle, and have a good meditation session, to eliminate the drowsiness you feel.

How To Avoid It

Train Your Brain

Starting meditation is a great step but you should remember that ‘one step at a time’ is a great quote too. Thus, it is better to avoid very long meditative sessions as initially, they will make you sleepy. You have to start training your brain in a way that your focus remains unwavering which will be possible only after you start with small 5 minutes or 10 minutes sessions and then gradually move on to longer ones.  When you will be awake for shorter sessions then your brain will automatically start functioning accordingly and you won’t feel sleepy while meditating.

Meditate Before You Eat

meditate before you eat

Meditation involves the entire body to focus on one point and establish a spiritual connection(some common myths about spirituality) with one’s own self. If you start meditating right after eating, then you will feel very sleepy as your body will be involved in digesting the food and other complex processes and this will distract you or make you fall asleep because you do get tired after performing them.  Meditating before you eat food will be more beneficial as your body will take it as a prime activity at that particular moment without getting distracted.

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Stay Conscious And Active

Staying conscious and active while meditating is important, you should feel that something good is happening within you. Thus,  you can carry out breathing exercises and play calming music for your brain to focus on these things and so that you remain alert while doing it.

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Meditate In An Open Area

meditate in open

It is always better to meditate in the open as your body can feel active connections with mother nature in that way. Further, the cool breeze and the wind flowing around you, with mild sounds of birds have a divinely calming effect on your mind and can also work wonders in order to make you feel awake while meditating. So, use these methods and practice meditation efficiently without dozing off!

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