Spirituality, meditation is something the world is now channeling as the pressures of domestic lives and professional truth are taking over. The stress has become unbearable for so many of us that what we seek is the inner peace of sorts and we are ready to do anything for the same besides making those small trips for steaming off. Yoga is one way of dealing with it as it is more than just a form of exercise. This brings me to the knowledge of Koshas. 

Grandmaster Akshar explained to HerZindagi what Koshas are all about and the 5 Koshas that are said to help in bringing us closer to spiritual enlightenment.

What are the Five Koshas?


"The ancient and powerful Himalayas are considered to be a treasure trove of knowledge. From these majestic mountains come the teachings about the five koshas. Koshas are layers that lie within each individual between him and the soul. There are five such layers and practices of yoga, meditation, spirituality, and mindfulness help us to overcome the boundaries of barriers in order to achieve ultimate liberation and eternal bliss. There are different aspects that constitute each of these five layers which are - Annamaya kosha, Pranayama kosha, Manaomanaya Kosha, Vigyanmaya kosha and Anandamaya kosha," he explained.

Here are each of the 5 Koshas explained by the expert that you must know of. 

Annamaya Kosha

The first kosha is the Annamaya kosha which is the physical body. The human body which is made up of flesh, bones, muscles and skin makeup this first layer. This is what allows us to be defined as tall, short, fat, thin, skinny and so on. What we eat helps to form the first layer and therefore it is important for us to practice mindfulness when it comes to our food consumption and eating habits. Not only should we eat nutritious food, but the food must also be clean, pure, hygienic and cooked with love.

Pranamaya Kosha

We all have energy which comes from our life force of breath. Pranamaya kosha makes up the second layer which includes our energy levels and breathing. Depending on how well looked after this layer is, we will accordingly have an experience that is corresponding to the mood. Yoga practices of pranayama and mindful breathing help us build up this powerful layer of pranamaya kosha.

Manomaya Kosha

The mind which forms a very important aspect of our being forms the third layer. Our thoughts are usually and predominantly influenced by the way that we have been brought up. Our home environment, parenting styles, school teachers, friends, colleagues, and peers contribute greatly to the way that we think and make decisions. When we keep the mind free of clutter and chatter we can then fully experience the optimal capacity of the mind.

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Vignanamanaya Kosha


It is only when the fluctuations of the mind come to a halt that this next layer comes into play. The Vigyanmaya kosha is the seat of intuition, intellect and wisdom. This is a powerful layer that helps us steer through this journey of life by providing us instincts and guiding us with inner knowledge. It is crucial that we are able to understand that the inner self contains all the answers that we seek in this lifetime. Meditation practices and spiritual activities help to develop this layer.

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Anandamaya Kosha


Eternal bliss and the ultimate liberation which is union with the divine consciousness and everlasting happiness happen through this layer. When we are able to transcend all the four layers which come before this then this affects our spiritual development influencing our ability to attain spiritual bliss.

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