Most of us are living a sedentary lifestyle, eating at odd timings, less physical work, and dealing with work stress. All this tends to take a toll on our health, especially our mental well-being. 

To cope up with it, there are many ways, meditation is one among them. While there are many ways to meditate, Zen meditation is garnering popularity for it being a part of Chinese Buddhism, which is rooted in spirituality. 

It is believed that zen meditation was initially performed in Buddhist monasteries by monks as a manner of living. There are many benefits of practising this type of mediation, some of them are as follows: 

Assists To Improve Psychomotor Response

Assists To Improve Psychomotor Response

The lifestyle that most of us are living majorly affects our psychomotor response. It is something that can bother us when the body is exhausted due to the lack of sleep. In this, not just the hand-eye, but in fact the coordination of overall body buffers. You must clear your thoughts during this situation, by performing zen meditation. Relax your brain and you will feel better within a couple of days. 

Keeps Stress & Anxiety At Bay 

During the current pandemic of the novel coronavirus, many felt depressed. It even triggered anxiety in some. While you must take an expert’s opinion, you can also opt to fight depression and anxiety with zen meditation. It will keep you from having any other chronic diseases, besides calming you down during panic attacks. It helps to gain internal awareness and further reduces the density of grey matter in the brain. Grey-matter is something that leads to stress and anxiety.

Helps Fight Pain

Helps Fight Pain

Dealing with pain happens to be one of the scariest things to do as a living organism. But there are ways through which you can alter how much pain you experience. If health reports are to be believed, it has been found that people who practice zen mediation daily, have a higher tolerance to pain than those who do not. The base of meditation is concentration, which ultimately allows you to have pain resilience is the immediate effect.

Keeps You Happy 

As you meditate, you develop mindfulness through concentration. The better the attention of your brain, the less depressed you are likely to feel. In short, zen mediation boosts the secretion of happy hormones of the body, such as serotonin and dopamine to name a few. People with bipolar disorder can largely benefit from the help of zen mediation. 

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Enhances Emotional Intelligence

Enhances Emotional Intelligence

A person can hardly feel complete or happy without emotional intelligence. The meaning of emotional intelligence is the capacity of an individual for good decision-making even under pressure. If you think about it, it can change the way you are leading your life right now, probably under stress (snacks to deal with stress). By practising zen meditation, you will be more productive and constructive, besides having a greater focus. 

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