Spirituality is referred to as some practices or a part of the lifestyle in one's daily routine that allows them to understand the meaning of human existence as well as perform certain activities in order to attain the full potential of the human spirit.

These spiritual practices are regular and disciplined, which need to be performed on a daily basis which helps us in spiritual development. Let’s Therefore take a look at some facts about spirituality.

Meditation Is Spirituality


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Spirituality can also mean a sense of awakening, higher intellect, an altered state of mind, knowledge, a better outlook about the inter-dimensional working of our body, soul, and mind, and connection between the three. Spirituality simply means to attain a balance between them which leads to an ultimate connection with the universe and the unknown.

These practices can also enable us to progress along the path to the ultimate goal of human life or fulfill the sole purpose of our existence. It requires self-sacrifice by giving up all the immediate pleasurable activities that once fall for. Meditation and self-awareness are two main aspects of being spiritually active. 

Spirituality Is Non-Religious

In the late 1970s or last quarter of the twentieth century, the concept of spirituality grew beyond the realms of religion and it paved its way into modern spirituality. The term spirituality's origin was never associated with Christianity or religion anymore thereafter when people started to realize the true meaning behind it.

As people started exploring and studying the working of the human body bypassing the physical aspect of things, they understood that it's broadly based on a quest for a spiritual experience, unlocking the abilities of the soul and spiritual practices can be expressed in a variety of ways.

In the modern world, the term spirituality is well used in the fields of science, business, and healthcare which signifies the mystical importance of it. Spirituality that appears in non-religious texts is known as "secular spirituality". 

Spirituality Paves Way For Transformation


Spirituality can lead to self-transformation. There are basically four 'types' of spirituality as follows: Mystical, ascetical, prophetic practical, and active practical. All four foster different ways of transformation and self-transcendence.

Spiritual practices can also include different styles of meditation and contemplation, artistic practices, or undertaking a pilgrimage to a religious shrine.

Following these, one needs to seek answers about when and where their spiritual transformation needs to take place, how does it take place, and the ultimate purpose of their transformation or their destiny. 

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It Gives You A Vivid Vision


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Spiritual capital is the importance of spirituality in our lives. Spirituality can help a human being to be humanely productive and lead a successful and fulfilled life in a complete sense. It helps us look at the big picture and perceive the world around us in terms of spiritual, moral, and psychological beliefs.

It can also help a person to attain spiritual intelligence which simply means that once one can understand and master control over their emotions flourish in their intellectual abilities(Here's how Tibetan yog is helpful).

The cultivation of spiritual intelligence can enable people to better access the deepest meaning and understand the highest motivations of their lives. Being spiritually awakened and well connected with your soul can also bring you amongst 'secular saints'. You can fulfill the sole purpose of your life and work towards selflessly contributing a lot to this chaotic society spiritually.

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