Periods are all about mood swings, painful cramps, and fatigue. It is that time of the month and some of us make the most of it by having our favourite cheat meals. Well, we have all the reasons to have our favourite fried foods and calorie-packed desserts during our periods but they only do harm to our body. There are some foods that help you have a less painful, happy period and you must be adding them to your grocery list. Read on. 

Dark Chocolate

dark chocolate periods

Who said you can't have some chocolate during your periods? However, if you don't want to go on a guilt trip just after your period then have dark chocolate. Dark chocolate has a low amount of sugar present in it and it's way healthier than your regular chocolate. Dark chocolate has magnesium which helps you feel a lot better. If you have a lot of mood swings during your period then always keep dark chocolate handy. 


So many of us suffer from bloating during periods. Banana is the best fruit you can have during this time. Bananas have B6 vitamins and potassium which are great for your digestive health and mental health during this time. Having a banana reduces the amount of water your body retains, this further makes you feel less bloated. You can also make a smoothie using some bananas and berries and enjoy it! 

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Giving your body a dose of calcium during this time is great. Nothing like having a bowl of yogurt while you are on your period. Yogurt helps in maintaining a good balance of calcium in the body and helps in preventing PMS symptoms such as mood swings and bloating. 

Fruits And Vegetables

fruits vegetables periods

You feel like having some of your favourite food during this time but let us tell you that you should be consuming all things healthy and nutritious during your periods. Have a lot of fruits and vegetables like oranges, watermelons, spinach, kale. These healthy foods prevent your body from feeling weak during this time.

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Whole Grains

A lot of us don't feel like having just anything during our periods. However, this is the time when your body needs a lot of food so that you stay healthy and strong. Having some oatmeal, pasta or a multigrain sandwich can be some good options. These are packed with whole grains which are good for your body and keep you full for longer. 

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These foods indeed help you stay fit and healthy during your periods. Make sure that you avoid having foods that can worsen your cramps or mood swings. Anything fried like chips, fries or other snacks should be completely avoided. Cereals, bread, pizzas, or momos should not be consumed during periods as they lead to bloating. Having foods which are high in salt content should also be avoided. 

When you are on your period, it is best to have foods that are healthy, rich in iron, calcium, and fiber which keep you healthy and prevent cramps, bloating, or mood swings. 

We hope this list helps you havea a happy and healthy period. For more such stories, stay tuned!