Face masks have now become an indispensable part of our lives. Whether it is the pollution in the air that’s making you wear the mask or the coronavirus pandemic. You compulsorily have to wear a mask in order to protect yourself and others around you. And since the pandemic started spreading more the importance of face masks started being highlighted.

Initially, people were very careful about the kind of mask they were using but then gradually people started wearing masks for the sake of just wearing or styling. But did you know that the masks with 3 layers and more are the only one's optimal for wearing while going out in times of the pandemic? Let us take a look at 3 layers, 4 layers and 5 layers face masks and find out the difference between them.

3 Layer Face Masks

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The minimum number of layers for defensive face masks should be at least 3, says Dr. April from the World Health Organisation. Three layers act as perfect barriers and protect the person from getting in contact with any infection present in the atmosphere. 

A 3 layer face mask is made up of three layers, one (outer layer) is a water-resistant layer and protects the mask from water spillage over it, next the second layer,  or the middle one, is basically a filter that sieves the unwanted particles through the inhaled air and the third layer is a water-absorbent air so that you do not feel sweaty of wet inside the mask.

4 Layer Face Masks 

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When in an area of very high exposure with infection the 4 layer face masks come in handy. 4 layer face masks ensure more protection and safety. The four layers of the mask defend the entry of any bacteria or virus through the passage of the nose and the mouth.

The 4 layer face masks consist of 4 layers starting from the outermost layer which is the water-resistant layer, then comes the second layer, which is a filter for bacteria and virus, then comes the third layer which is a filter for the ultraviolet rays, etc. And then comes the fourth layer which is again a water-absorbent layer. The best quality masks are made with non-woven fabric and these masks are used for both surgical and procedural procedures.

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5 Layer Face Mask

A 5 layer face mask or a 5 ply face mask(benefits of reusable face masks) is a mask consisting of 5 layers made of non woven fabric that secure the mask and make it optimal for exposure in areas of severe danger. The five layers are made up of a water-resistant layer, 3 filters including one UV filter, and the last one being the water-absorbent layer. These masks must be worn when there is exposure to highly dangerous areas in terms of contraction of the virus or in terms of severe medical procedures.

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The 4 F’s Of A Face Mask

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  • Filteration: The better the filtration the more trusted that mask becomes. When coming in contact with an infected person or area with infected persons, it is important to know and understand that a mask with proper filtration is very necessary.
  • Fluid Protection: It is further important that a face mask may be able to provide protection against water spillage.
  • Features: The features of a mask must be chosen which sheer precaution, an antifog film, foam, and tapes along with a water-absorbent layer.
  • Fit: Fit is one of the most important factors you should see in a mask. If your mask keeps slipping down or is too tight then you must go for a one to allow both breathing space and perfect protection.

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