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    What Is Sugar Rush And How To Control It?

    Do you ever start feeling an instant boost of energy after eating something sweet? This might be because of a sugar rush. Read on and find more about it.
    Updated at - 2021-08-04,17:55 IST
    how to stop sugar cravings

    You might have come across the phrase ‘sugar rush’ while being addressed as super energetic or vibrant. This actually is a phenomenon that takes place in our body when we consume loads of sugar. 

    Even though sugar consumption is deemed to be unhealthy, we are compelled to think about our favourite dessert, ice cream, or anything to satisfy our sugar cravings. And this is not restricted to people who like eating sugars, it is common and stretched out to most people.  Let’s take you through some common symptoms you might come across after eating high amounts of sugars.

    Fact About Sugar Cravings 

    sugar cravings

    When you eat sugar, the body starts to demand more sugar and in turn increases sugar consumption. Some foods like cakes, brownies, cookies, soda, juice and candies along with packaged foods including hidden sugars are responsible for causing a sugar rush.

    The Symptoms Of Sugar Rush

    Increase In Energy 

    One of the most common symptoms of sugar rushes is an increment in energy. And perhaps that is the reason why we all reach out towards sugary stuff when we are falling short of energy. 

    Even though temporary, sugar rushes can last for about 30-40 minutes and you can remain super energetic during this time. So, the next time you find yourself becoming abnormally high on energy or alert, then know that you have a rush of sugar.


    Like we said, eating sugar once can further instigate the craving for more and so, it can make you feel hungry too. What actually happens is that when high amounts of sugars enter our body, then the body starts to produce more insulin to combat the high sugar levels. So, after the entire process is over and your sugar rush heads towards the end, the body creates a lot of insulin that eventually leads to the lowering down of the blood sugar levels. And once that happens you start feeling very hungry instantly.


    sugar rush

    Drowsiness, fatigue,  etc are some of the symptoms of sugar rushes too, as the energy that is required in the digestion of the sugar compound is too much and this process drains it out of you and thus you end up feeling tired and lethargic, and dull. 

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    So, limit the consumption of sugars and give your body things that have high nutritional value.  Eating processed foods, or very sweet food items can eventually harm the functioning of your system and therefore you should take care of yourself and avoid eating sugar.

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    How To Control Sugar Rushes

    calming sugar rushes

    • When you consume sugars it is actually your body calling for dopamine. So, you can also satisfy the brain’s call but eating a filling and healthy meal that you love. And this will lead to the stopping of a sugar rush.
    • Take a hot shower as running down comfortable temperature water over your back and shoulders for around 10 minutes can actually help you a lot. By the end of the shower you will start feeling dazed and your sugar rush will be banished away!
    • You can step outside for a walk as this will distance you from the sugars you are willing to consume and will also help you in feeling good. This will boost your mood and will make you feel like you didn’t have a sugar rush ever.

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