We are in the year 2022, yes! I am emphasising the year because even though we may be in the so-called 21st century, we are still ghosted by a biased mind-set. 

Ms. Rachana Gupta, CoFounder of Gynoveda.com (world’s 1st femtech platform for women that combines Ayurveda & Technology to experience healthy periods, lifelong) says, “The word “period’ is still considered a taboo, especially in Indian families. Bloggers, movies, celebrities are pushing the bandwagon for accepting menstruation as part of one’s life, but have not been able to create measurable impact. Even today, our advertisements show blue solutions being poured over sanitary pads. While endeavours towards lasting change continue, we still have a long way to go with respect to acceptance and education in this context.”


pcos healthy periods

Research suggests that women experience on average 450 menstrual cycles and two pregnancies during their lifespan. However, it is not an easy phase for them. Ms. Rachana Gupta says, “While many suffer from different underlying issues, it is interesting to note, studies reveal that over 600 million females globally silently suffer from menstrual disorders like polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), irregular periods, PMS, painful periods among many others. Furthermore, 65% Indian women are unaware about PCOS symptoms. Women even dread visiting a gynaecologist for three major reasons; the fear of physical examination or surgery, lack of access to the right gynaecologist, social prejudices and anxiety of being judged.”

What Is A Healthy Period? 

menstruation healthy periods

They suffer in silence as they are made to believe that period abnormalities are necessary evils in life and the dominant advice is to smile and bear the pain. The flipside is the frustration of the advice and too many medications with no results. But what is a healthy period? How do we understand the difference? 

Ms. Rachana Gupta says, “A healthy period typically lasts from one to five days every month. The other criteria include regular occurrence once a month, no pain, no excessive bleeding or spotting in the middle of one’s cycle as well as no pre-menstrual symptoms (PMS) or pre-menstrual tension (PMT).” 

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It is important to help women realize this state of optimum period health. Deep research on Ayurveda shows that it has the power to treat most menstrual disorders. Gynoveda is the world's 1st Ayurvedic digital platform which helps solve period problems. We started this company with a vision for  women to talk freely about their experiences. One of the most common effects of Severe PCOS is infertility. We have treated over 40,000 customers for PCOS.

Ms. Rachana Gupta says, “During this journey, over 88% women reported that they got 1st natural periods after starting Gynoveda medicine and also had their delayed period cycle regularised. Over 75 women struggling with PCOS have conceived naturally with Gynoveda's ayurvedic medicines.”

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Changes In Lifestyle 

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This demonstrates the capacity for women to make simple changes for addressing their problems. All it takes is taking the first step, seeking help and speaking up openly. It is important for women to feel safe to do that. Promptly, address any issue if the need arises. Ms. Rachana Gupta says, “One should not ignore any underlying symptoms such as hormonal imbalance caused by irregular periods, abnormal white discharge, intimate itching, excessive blood loss and clots, cramping, moodiness, heavy periods, painful cycles and others. Sign up for health check-ups, read as much as you can about period care and help other women get help too!”

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