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Can't Wake Up To Your Alarm? Follow These Tips To Wake Up Early And Look Fresh The Whole Day

Want to be an early riser? Follow these tips that will help you wake up early every morning.
tips to wake up

“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.”— Benjamin Franklin. We have heard it all our life. The first step towards success is waking up early. If you are just like me who sets an alarm for 6 am and then keeps hitting the snooze button then hey! this guide is for you. We are hooked to Netflix all night and then we need those extra hours in the morning that just ruins our plan every day. 

When you wake up late, you rush to the bathroom to get ready for work and then you are just off to work. You get back home really tired and your day is almost over.

Benefits Of Waking Up Early

benefits waking up early

  • Waking up is tough, I agree. But it has a lot of benefits. People who wake up early are more productive than others. They focus on things better and are able to make better decisions in life. 
  • Also, waking up early increases your capacity to solve everyday problems. You are able to plan your day better when you are an early riser.
  • If you want better health, waking up early will help you improve it all. You wake up early and you have enough time to take care of your body. 
  • Another great benefit of waking up early is that you sleep better. 

Now that you know all the benefits of waking up early, you must be wondering how to do it. Here are some tips for you. 

1. Instead of setting an alarm for 6 am, set it for 5.45 am. Take these 15 minutes for just easing out. Stretch, give yourself time to relax and then finally get off the bed. 

2. Your body needs a lot of energy when you wake up in the morning. Your body doesn't get food and water for long hours as you sleep. Fuel your body with some water that will give you instant energy. It is good if you drink warm water as it helps in managing weight.

tips waking up early

3. Make sure that you have a light meal at night. Pick from options like salads, soups, daal roti or khichdi. Having heavy meals like shahi paneer, dal makhani, butter chicken at night will disturb both your digestive system and sleep pattern. 

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4. To get a good night sleep, you make sure that there are no gadgets around you. Keep your mobiles and laptops away as you go off to bed. A lot of women have this habit of staying glued to their mobiles and laptops until they go off to sleep. Switch off the TV and get to bed. 

wake up early benefits

5. Head to the park or the gym, whatever you like for a quick exercise session. If you don't have enough time, just walk around your home or the park. This will boost your energy further. 

6. If you don't feel like going anywhere, just go stand in your balcony and enjoy the fresh air for a few minutes. Then plan your day ahead. You can also read a book while sipping your morning juice or coffee. 

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Remember that your body will take time to understand your sleep pattern. Slowly you will get used to the pattern. Waking up early will bring lots of happiness and success in your life.


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