We all have stuck in a situation where we urgently had to attend nature’s call in a public washroom, but we ended up having infections or UTI. A public toilet is the most unhygienic and filthiest place that one never wants to visit, but we have to because of some inevitable circumstances.

These restrooms are attended by hundreds of people in a day, resulting in various germs and bacteria getting accumulated on the toilet seat. But thank goodness we have these easy hacks and tips that we can follow before using washrooms outside our sweet home.

Let’s look at some of the must-have items:

Carry Toilet Sanitizer

Toilet Spray

Always carry your toilet sanitizer in your bag and spray it on the seat 10 seconds before using it. A toilet sanitizer is a handiest and effective product that you can have. It is easy to use and works quickly to eliminate any kind of germs and bacteria from your toilet seat. It helps to prevent infections and diseases like diarrhea and UTI. Plus, they come in various fragrances so you no longer have to deal with that stinky smell of public toilets.  

Intimate wipes

Our vagina can naturally clean itself and keep the bacteria at bay, but at times when you have used a public washroom, an intimate wipe can be helpful. When you are done using the washroom just take out an intimate wipe and clean your genitals from front to backside. By doing this, you will restrain the bacteria from entering the vaginal area. Although, it is always wise not to use too many wipes for your vagina because it is one of the most sensitive parts of your body.

Reusable/disposable Urination Device

stand and pee

This is a god’s sent gift for all the ladies out there for using the public restrooms without panicking. Many times public washrooms run out of water or are hardly cleaned in months, under such situations the disposable urination device can be helpful. This device allows women to pee while standing which means they no longer have to sit on dirty seats or squat for minutes.

How to use public washrooms smartly?

Go For The First Stall

washroom stalls hack

It’s funny but people usually choose the stall which is farther from the entrance, assuming that it will be the cleanest. Hence, the first stall is always neglected or avoided by the most, try going for the first stall next time you go to a public toilet.

Toilet Seat Covers

You can easily find the toilet seat covers in the stores near you or you can purchase them online. It is a smart step to invest in your seat covers to be the safest. Spreading tissue papers on the seat does not protect you completely and it results in a lot of wastage.

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Flushing technique

toilet tissue paper hacks

Take a small piece of tissue paper, wrap your finger in it completely and then press the flush button. This will protect your hands or fingers from directly touching the flush. Open the door using the same tissue, throw it in the dustbin, and exit. Always remember to sanitize your hands each time you use the washroom.

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No bags on the floor, please!

bags on foor

Washroom floors are the dirtiest with numerous germs and microbes, avoid putting your bags on the floors because these germs can easily transfer on your bags and ultimately on your hands as well.

We hope that these hacks will help you prevent infections and you no longer will face public washroom panics. For more such interesting tips stay tuned to Herzindagi!