As soon as the woman gets married the burden of getting pregnant and the myths associated with it increases as time passes by. Most of the myths are instilled in the brains by the surrounding people and relatives. Every now and then we get women in our clinic saying can I take this herbal medicine to increase my fertility. But when you are actually planning for pregnancy you need to get out of that thought process and get your facts cleared.

Dr. Amodita Ahuja, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynecologist and laparoscopic surgeon and infertility specialist has listed some of the most common myths associated with infertility:

Myth: Infertility Is Only Due To Females

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Whenever we see a patient with infertility in our clinics and after completely understanding women’s history we always ask -Is your partner being investigated? Does he have any symptoms related to erectile dysfunction or ejaculation? The answer is standard from all our patients

He doesn’t have any problem, you please evaluate us. This mentality is inculcated into women’s brains right from the time they start growing old. The fact is 40-50% of cases of infertility are due to male factors and out of these 2% have abnormal sperm counts. These numbers are quite high and that’s why we need to change the mentality of all women and their partners along with their family members.

Myth: To Conceive, Women Must Lie Straight Or With Legs Up For Half An Hour After Intercourse 

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Another most common myth to be debunked. It’s an absolutely wrong practice to force the women to lie straight or with legs up post intercourse. There is no evidence that suggests that it increases fertility. Rather it increases the chances of both urine and vaginal infection which will, in turn, reduce fertility.

Myth: There's An Age Beyond Which You Can’t Get Pregnant

One question on everyone’s mind is - Is there a particular age before which we should become pregnant? There is no such magic number. In this competitive world where women are sharing equal responsibility with men at the  work front, we can give these working women a little relaxation and let them focus on their careers first. It used to be said before that if you are 30 it will be very difficult for you to become pregnant.

But with advancing technology and the best IVF treatments available we have defied this number and taken the leverage of giving those hard-working women a chance to perform at their best without thinking of a timeline. But to buy this time it is extremely important to get a basic hormonal profile. And if that is normal then you are good to go.

Myth: There Is Always A Cause For Infertility


This sounds very stupid but the truth is that 10 percent of couples do not have any reason for infertility. It is also known as unexplained infertility. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t get pregnant at all. The good news is most of the couples with unexplained infertility conceive on their own and the bad news is that there is no substantial cause to which we can pin point and give the treatment. The treatment is empirical. And we usually suggest couples with unexplained infertility to head over for IVF as soon as possible.

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Myth: IVF Is The Only Infertility Treatment Available

This is also one of the commonest myth which people mistake for. Actually infertility treatment is the basket of treatments which can be offered to the couple according to the cause and degree of infertility. IVF is just the part of so many of them. It is usually the last resort when all othertreatments have failed.

MYTH: It's Only Women’s Responsibility To Make Lifestyle Changes, Stop Smoking, Consume Multivitamins To Improve Fertility

It’s the responsibility of both the partners to make lifestyle changes. Because lifestyle modification is required not only to improve egg quality but also improves sperm quality. Making changes and improving together makes the couples grow stronger not only physically but also emotionally.

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Dr. Amodita Ahuja recommends that "all my infertility couples to make changes in food patterns, exercise patterns, sleep patterns together. So that they both know that they are in this together. In the end i would like to sum up by saying just don’t believe what others have to say about your journey of infertility. Talk to a specialist. Along with clearing all the myths which you have about infertility they will also suggest about do’s and don’ts of infertility. It is very important to talk to your doctor before planning a pregnancy so that they can make you fit and ready for a healthy pregnancy."

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