Working is a must for many reasons, it can improve your health, keep stress at bay, keep you energetic, etc. More than ever, we now need to spend time exercising and doing certain physical activities because of the current health crisis the world is facing. 

However, just learning the best way to tone your body is not enough, you must also know how to maintain proper hygiene to stay away from germs and diseases. Here are some of the basic rules you must follow before and after a workout as your daily regimen:  

Don’t Use T-Shirt To Wipe Off Sweat

Don’t Use T Shirt To Wipe Off Sweat

Many people are seen using the sleeves of their t-shirts to wipe off the sweat from their faces. One must never do that, and should only use a towel to dry the face. This reduces the probability of germ transfer from one body part to the other, making you prone to catch certain bacteria. It can happen because from nose or mouth you will transfer it directly inside your system. Therefore, always carry a towel while you workout. 

Remember To Wipe Down The Equipment 

No matter if you workout at home or at a gym, this is a rule that you must follow after and before working out. It is because the germs love to lurk on sweaty gym equipment, which you don’t want to catch. Be smart and use spray or wipes to wipe down equipment every time you are about to use it and are done coming in contact with it. At the end of the day, clean and pleasant space for everyone is the key to a healthy life. 

Sharing Is Not Caring

Sharing Is Not Caring 

Amid the pandemic of the novel coronavirus, remember the mantra, ‘sharing is not caring.’ In fact, it has become dangerous, since you could be transferring bacteria, fungi, yeast and viruses from one person to another. No matter if it is a hairbrush, roll-on deodorant, towel, makeup and even water bottles, you must not allow anyone to use it except for yourself. Not only there is now a risk of catching COVID-19, but also common problems like warts and other viruses. 

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Wash Your Hands Thoroughly

Have you still not developed a habit of washing your hand (do's and don'ts of washing hands) before and after indulging into most of the activities? It can take a toll on your health since you could be allowing germs and bacteria in your system. Make sure to nicely wash your hands before and after a workout for at least twenty seconds. Use only an anti-bacterial soap or a sanitiser with at least 60% alcohol. 

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