Believe It Or Not! Women Can Fix 10 Health Problems By Drinking Hot Water

Do you know the surprising health benefits of drinking hot water? This holistic remedy can do wonders to you and health expert Abrar Multani is suggesting us how. Read on to know more about it.

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Do you know that drinking hot water is beneficial for your health? This holistic health remedy can do wonders for you. It has been suggested to consume at least 8-10 glasses of water in a day. But usually, women start their day with a cup of coffee or tea, which results in constipation, stomach ache, gas, and acnes. However, most women who are conscious about their health drink hot water to burn excessive fat. After enlightening yourself with amazing health benefits of hot water, you will surely get into a regular habit. Believe it or not! Hot water can cure 10 health problems of women and expert is telling us how.

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“Hot water helps in proper functioning of our body,” suggests, health expert, doctor Abrar Multani. Yes, hot water detoxifies our body. In all probability, this is the single most important factor, in bringing down several health problems of women. Drinking hot water, early in the morning, can help improve digestive system and maintains blood circulation in our body. Are you drinking hot water today?


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According to doctor Abrar Multani: “Hot water burns the accumulated fat inside our body. It results in weight loss. Plus it also cures sudden rigidity and pain during the periods.” He further adds, “It eases headache during periods and calms down the signs of sore throat.” After all, your body needs water to perform daily functions and starting you day with a glass of hot water can do miracles.

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Let’s have a look at the 10 health benefits of drinking hot water:

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  1. Hot water acts as a pain killer and soothes body pain
  2. It makes digestive system better and functional
  3. Hot water purifies the blood and keeps skin related problems away
  4. Hot water is beneficial in relaxing joint pain
  5. It makes blood thinner naturally and proves to be essential in high cholesterol levels
  6. Hot water refrains from cropping up blood clots inside the body and is considered as a boon in paralyse and cardiac diseases
  7. It stops bacterial infection and proves to be beneficial in asthma and cough
  8. Hot water increases immunity level and protects from allergic diseases such as sinus
  9. Hot water keeps you younger and reduces wrinkles
  10. It stops hair fall and pre-mature ageing, hence, hot water is a natural remedy for hair