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    Ajwain Water Is What You Need For Weight Loss, Asthma, Irregular Menstrual Cycle!

    This magical drink is your answer to a lot of problems including weight loss! Read on to know more.
    Updated at - 2020-11-24,17:23 IST
    ajwain seed water

    Ajwain seeds are amazing when it comes to enhancing the flavour of our dishes but did you know that they also have several health benefits? When you have the water of these soaked seeds, they can help you from losing weight to controlling asthma and many claim this water as a boon for those who experience irregular periods. 


    ajwain acidity

    Carom seeds make for the best defensive wall against acidity, especially when taken along with cumin seeds and ginger powder. For curing flatulence, these seeds are the most effective when they are soaked in lime juice, dried and then had with warm water daily. 


    It not just cleans mucus from the body but also provides relief from cold and cough. Ajwain seeds also help in treating asthma and bronchitis. Have ajwain with jaggery twice a day. If you have a cold, have boiled water infused with carom seeds. 

    Irregular Menstrual Cycles

    Ajwain water is your best friend for regular periods. All you have to do is boil a teaspoon of these seeds and little jaggery if you want in 200 ml water and have it empty stomach every morning.

    Liver & Kidney Malfunction

    If your intestines are hurting due to indigestion, have this water which also gets rid of liver and kidney malfunctions.


    Soak ajwain seeds overnight and have them the next morning every day. It is useful in treating trembling limbs.

    Eye Cleanser

    Cold ajwain water can be used to wash itchy eyes.

    Weight Loss

    ajwain weight loss

    On an empty stomach, if you have Ajwain water every day, it helps dissolve body fat which in turn helps in reducing weight. You can also have 1 tsp of ajwain seeds every morning.

    Tooth Pain

    These magical seeds have proven to cure a toothache. Mix ajwain oil with olive oil and water and apply where it aches. It will also help eradicate bad mouth odour. This mixture also maintains oral hygiene.

    Itching, Boils & Eczema

    Ground the seeds into a paste with warm water and apply wherever it itches and you see boils. 

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    A massage with oils of these seeds is what you need on the joints affected. This will help you get rid of arthritis.


    Boil the seeds with cinnamon powder in water. It is the best remedy if you have the flu.

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    This magical drink is what you need o have twice a day to cure diarrhoea.

    Menstrual Cramps

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    Carom seeds work as a nerve tonic and are used to relax nerves during menses, decreasing menstrual cramps. You can also apply carom seed oil on the lower abdomen to get relief.

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    The water can cure chest pains. You just have to add jaggery to get instant relief.


    If you are a lactating woman, ajwain increases milk flow.

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