If you are a plant lover hunting for a new addition to your collection then we say you go for the spider plant. Spider plant is a beautiful indoor plant, native to tropical and southern Africa. It is called the spider plant because of its spider like leaves. The leaves are thin, a mix of colours white and green. 

Honestly, there are mulitple reasons why should invest in a spider plant. Spider plants are one of the best looking plants. They instantly amp up your home decor. Spider plants can be placed in the living room as a hanging or in the bedroom as table top decorations. However, that's not all. 

Spider plants have many health benefits. Here we have 5 reasons why you should get a spider plant for your indoors. 

Spider Plant Purifies Air

Spider plant is believed to be one of the best air purifying plants for the indoors. Placing a spider plant in your home will help in removing harmful chemicals in the air like toluene, carbon monoxide, xylene, formaldehyde. Among all these chemicals, formaldehyde is quite common in our households because it is usually found in plastic products, wood products, leather goods and clothing. As per reports by NASA, spider plant works like magic to remove this harmful chemical from your household. 

Spider Plant Increases Oxygen Levels

Keeping a spider plant at your home will improve your breathing too. The houseplant (best houseplants for home) naturally increases the indoor oxygen levels, further making it easier for you to breathe. 

Spider Plant Is Therapeutic 

We all want our homes to be have a stress-free, easy vibe, afterall that's where we spend our time after long, hectic day at work. However, at times, the vibe is high on anxiety and tension. 

spider plant for stress

Placing a spider plant indoors can help. A lot of studies suggest that spider plants can help reduce stress levels of the environment. It is also believed to improve mood and reduce cortisol levels, which is a hormone related to stress. 

Spider plants are indeed therapeutic. They help in removing anger, anxiety, tension, depression from home. The plant helps create a happy and healthy environment for all.

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Spider Plant Is Safe For Pets

If you have a pet at home, we are sure you look for plants which don't emit harmful toxins which can harm your pets. You won't regret investing in a spider plant. Spider plant doesn't emit any harmful toxins and is completely safe for your pet. Also, it has high oxygen product capabilities which makes it even better for your pet's environment. 

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Spider Plant Doesn't Require Much Maintenance 

We all hunt for plants which are low on maintenance. Spider plant should be your pick in this case because it can adapt to different climatic conditions easily. Also, you won't kill this plant if you overwater or underwater it. It can survive in both low light and direct sunlight. This makes it just the perfect plant for anyone who doesn't have enough time for gardening at home due to a heavy work schedule. 

Spider Plant Helps In Speedy Recovery

spider plant for patients

Have you ever noticed spider plants in hospitals? They are placed in hospital rooms because they are known to speed up the recovery rate of surgical patients. It is believed that placing spider plant in the room of a patient helps prevent blood pressure, heart rate issues and anxiety.

Not just for its appealing look, spider plant is loved for its health benefits too. There are different ways you can place it in your home, plant it in a hanging basket or a regular pot as per your choice. 

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