I am someone who is always looking for reasons to bring home a new plant. If you love plants you know how the leafy greens around you can instantly lift up your mood and add life to your home. 

I recently got a new indoor plant for my study room and can't tell you how much I am in love with it. So, I got the rubber plant which is also known as Ficus elastica (scientific name). 

When I first saw this plant, I wanted to buy it because it looked too fancy. The thick, glossy leaves attracted me at once and I wanted to amp up my room with it. However, soon after, I got to know a lot of amazing benefits of the indoor plant. I thought of sharing those benefits with you. So, read on.  

1. Rubber Plant Has No Allergic Properties 

rubber plant benefits houseplant

A lot of people complain that some houseplants lead to an allergic reaction because of their sensitivity to pollen grains. This isn't the case with rubber plant because it doesn't produce pollen. It is completely safe to be placed indoors without the fear of any allergic reactions. 

2. Rubber Plant Helps Purify Air

Today, when we are still amidst the pandemic, we are keeping a double check on our environment and that's especially because we want to ensure that the air that we breathe in is pure. According to the NASA clean air study, some indoor plants can help remove pollutants from the air and make it fresh (Make homemade air purifier).

The rubber plant is one such houseplant. Rubber plant increases humidity within a room and prevents the pollutants and any other unwanted particles to turn into dust and harm your respiratory system. Placing a rubber plant in your home can help you reduce the chances of respiratory allergies which can lead to health issues like asthma.

3. Rubber Plant Requires Low Maintainance

I am very picky when it comes to plants because I never want to end up choosing one that requires a lot of maintenance. Let's be honest, with our busy working schedules, it is really difficult to take out a lot of time for our plants. The best thing I like about the rubber plant is that it requires very little maintenance. You can water it once a month. The soil should be slightly moist. Also, it needs no fertilisation. 

4. Rubber Plant Is Easy To Grow

It is very easy to grow rubber plants. Making a new rubber plant using some cuttings from the plant is fairly easy. Just cut some leaves from the bottom and place them into moist, potting soil. So, you can make a lot of rubber plants using just one plant. 

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5. Rubber Plant Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties

benefits of rubber houseplant

Image Courtesy: Freepik

Rubber plants can also be used to treat skin issues like skin rashes. This is because it has natural anti-inflammatory properties. Take 1-2 fresh leaves of the plant and mash. This mixture can be rubbed on the affected area for relief.

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Rubber Plant Care

Here are a few tips that will help you take care of the rubber plant really well.

  • Never place rubber plants under direct sunlight. 
  • When the leaves start to get droopy, it means that the plant needs water. 
  • If the rubber plant leaves start to turn yellow and brown, it means that you have been overwatering them. 
  • Keep removing the dead or drying leaves. 

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