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Myths & Facts About Sleeping In Your Bra

Some people say it is healthy to sleep in your bra and some say that it is not but whom should you believe?
Published -12 Apr 2022, 17:10 ISTUpdated -12 Apr 2022, 17:22 IST
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Sleep is extremely important for the well-being of your body. Good-quality sleep plays an important role in your health. There are various reasons that can affect your sleep at night including your clothes, especially your bra.

Some people say that wearing a bra at night is right while others say that you shouldn’t wear a bra. There are many myths attached to wearing a bra while sleeping. We are here to bust some of those myths and tell you the truth.

Wearing a bra leads to Breast Cancer

health sleeping in bra myths

You might have heard from several people that sleeping in a bra might cause breast cancer. However, you shouldn’t believe it because it is a myth. We can say this as there is no scientific research to support this belief. Science hasn’t proven that sleeping in a bra can cause breast cancer.

In 2014, a study was conducted and more than 1500 women were surveyed. After this study, it was found that there is no relation between bras and cancer risk.

Wearing A Bra While Sleeping Causes/Prevents Sagging Breasts

It is popularly believed that sleeping in a bra causes/prevents sagging breasts. It is believed by some people that if you wear a bra for longer durations, then your breasts can lose the strength of breast tissue and lead to sagging breasts. It might be a popular belief but let me tell you that it is actually a myth.

There are no medical studies that can say that sleeping in a bra can cause sagging. Some of the common reasons for sagging breasts are genetics, lifestyle, pregnancy, breastfeeding, smoking and exercise.

Irritates The Skin

Sleeping in a bra doesn’t irritate your skin, instead sleeping in a cheap bra can irritate your skin. This is because cheap quality bras are made up of low-quality fabrics and cheap dyes, thus it can cause harm to the skin by developing several skin problems.

Along with this, cheap quality bras re a big health hazard as they do not let you breathe. This can affect your sleep quality which is again harming your health.

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Disrupts Sleep

facts sleeping in bra myths 

A bra can surely disrupt your sleep with all the hooks, underwires and straps, it can be difficult to sleep in a bra and it can be the cause of the disturbance of your sleep. However, if you are wearing a comfortable bra, then your sleep will not be disturbed and you can rest for the whole night without any worries.

Search for the most comfortable bras in the market. A comfortable bra will surely keep you happy and well-rested while sleeping.

Prevents Breast Growth

It is a popular belief that wearing a bra while sleeping can prevent the growth of your breasts. According to the myth, wearing a bra while sleeping can restrict your blood flow, thus, it prevents your breasts from growing.

However, this hasn’t been proven scientifically. It is suggested to wear a good quality bra with soft fabric while you are sleeping, as this will not restrict your blood flow, thus not hampering the proper growth of your breast tissues.

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There is nothing wrong with wearing a bra while sleeping as long as you are comfortable in it. Also, there is nothing wrong with sleeping without a bra. You should sleep however you feel comfortable. 

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