The pandemic’s occurrence in 2020 led to a lockdown and we were forced to stay indoors while practicing social distancing. Hence, work from home became the new fad and since we were locked in, comfort became our priority and nightwear became our so-called preferable uniform. However, for the females especially, staying indoors meant a break from bras and to slipping into something comfortable and light.

Every female was relieved and happy as adjusting with comfort for the sake of style had come to an end and they could finally spend their days in peace. While the work from home concept continues to be practiced due to the second wave of the pandemic spreading rapidly, women will continue to choose the kinds of bras that are comfortable and will help them sail through the pro-longed hours of working on the laptop along with smoothly handling home chores.

Siddharth Grover, Director, Groversons Paris Beauty, told HerZindagi that "Passé are the days when wearing bras were associated with discomfort. With the excessive designs and fabric choices available, females have now realised the importance of bras in daily wear and as a matter of fact, prefer wearing them to feel comfortable and to prevent their bosom from sagging and shoulders from experiencing any abnormality. Hence, the trend of ‘work from home bras’ came into existence and will continue to grow in the coming time."

Here are few options shared by Siddharth that will render the much-needed support to your bust and provide comfort to fulfill all roles with ease and panache.

Soft Cotton Bras

Remote working is the time when simple cotton bras which were hardly used once a week have now become women's constants and the sassy brassieres, underwire bras, and corsets are kept aside for future use.

Soft cotton non-padded comfortable bras are the ideal choice to deal with the extended hours of working in front of the laptop along with managing round-the-clock home chores.

Seamless cotton bras with brush-back hook and eye designing make them comfy enough to be worn under all kinds of outfits be it nightwear, T-shirts, or kurtas. They fit well and extend a sense of style thereby making the females feel happy and at ease.

T-shirt Bras

t shirt b

When females have to adorn various roles of a professional, mother, wife, etc., they need to experience comfort and peace right from sunrise to sunset since they have to be on their toes juggling all the responsibilities. Amongst the plethora of options available, one should go for lightly padded T-shirt variants for smoothness and support. These can be worn under formal shirts while attending video calls for that perfect seamless look.

Style has taken a back seat and women increasingly desire to wear brassiere prepared with fabric that is soft and non-irritable on their skin and is breathable and stretchable. Hence, it won't be a surprise if the T-shirt category of bra will become the women's new best friend since they are light, comfortable, and ensure full coverage.

Sports Bra

sports b

While working from home females can opt for sports bras as they offer comfort and better support with their wide straps and unique design. Staying true to its name, it offers females the required support, enthusiasm, and assistance so that they can work at ease and at peace throughout the day.

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Camisole Sports And Concealer Bras

camisole b

Additionally, females can also opt for a camisole sports bra which will help keep them calm, comfortable, and covered with its easy slip-on design. Other viable options that will be increasingly preferred in the coming times are concealer, non-wired, and wide strapped varieties of bra that extend full coverage, bulge-free experience, prevent the bust from sagging and are cozy to wear.

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Summing Up

The way we dress extends a major impact on our personality, body language and in turn on our minds. Hence, wearing a comfortable bra despite being at home is preferred as it gives all females a sense of confidence and the strength to tackle all the tasks, be it running behind their kids for their meals or managing the workload and work e-meets.

Despite being at home, wearing a nice well-fitted range of bra helps females feel close to being normal and productive. Hence, ‘work from home bras’ rule the wardrobes of the women and are here to stay till the time remote working rules our lives and working scenario.

Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more on comfort and tips on how can you work smoothly from home.