Being underweight has many disadvantages, especially when it comes to health. You can have nutrient deficiency, fertility issues, growth and development problems, and worst of them all decreased immune function. 

Now more than ever, we want out immune systems to be in the best state ever. The safest way to fight the current pandemic of the novel coronavirus is by enhancing the body’s ability to fight germs and bacteria. This is only possible with a wholesome immune system. 

There are many who struggle to increase weight despite eating all kinds of weight-gaining foods and supplements. Sometimes a couple of lifestyle changes can help. That’s why we bring a couple of things that you can do in the morning to increase your weight. 

Go For A Protein-Rich Breakfast

Go For A Protein Rich Breakfast

In order to increase your weight in the healthiest way possible, you must focus on building those muscles. The most crucial nutrient for this is protein. It is a significant element for the body which is responsible for many more activities, such as building bones, tissues, etc. Thus, your breakfast shall consist of some of the protein-rich foods like soybean, fish, eggs, dairy products, nuts, pulses, etc. 

Have Full-Fat Milk With Breakfast

A glass of milk a day can help in various ways. It can make your bones strong, help you with your nutrient deficiency, etc. However, instead of the toned one or any other milk, go for the full-fat one. It will help you with your muscles and will also assist in staying energised throughout the day. 

Weight Lifting Exercises Are A Must

Weight Lifting Exercises Are A Must

Not just the food, but the exercises you do must also be focused on building those muscles. We are not referring to building biceps and abs here, but just focusing on toning them further to increase the weight. No matter if you are trying to lose or gain weight, given the sedentary lifestyle most of us live, working out is as important as eating food. 

Consume Water After Your Meals 

Consume Water After Your Meals

Drinking a copious amount of water is a must for your well-being. Not only it flushes the toxins from your body but also makes your skin glow (how to get glowing skin). However, when trying to gain weight, don’t drink too much water in between your meal.  This will make you feel fuller even before completing your meal. Therefore, have a full glass of water after you are done eating your breakfast. 

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Eat Carbs & High-Fat Foods

Carbohydrate is a very crucial nutrient when trying to gain weight. However, you must not indulge in consuming unhealthy sources of fat or carbohydrates (why women should have more carbs) by eating junks. Some great sources of carbs and high-fat foods are rice, quinoa, blueberries, sweet potatoes, cheese, dark chocolate, etc. You must also add a little bit of any of these elements in your breakfast.

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