We all use and love headphones and earphones. While some can’t do without listening to their favourite tracks, others use them to mind and their own business and to distance themselves from society. We all at one moment expressed admiration for the person who invented earphones or headphones. However, even that person would have not imagined that most of the people will be using his/her invention in the wrong way. While this affair of carrying earphones or headphones looks extremely simple, many simply never tried to find out why their earbuds keep falling and why they feel uncomfortable at times. Wearing earphones or headphones the wrong way can cause some troubles, so here’s how to wear them the right way. 



  • Begin by placing the tips of the earphones inside your ears. Now gently push them in just a little bit. You don't have to forcibly adjust them. 
  • Now that you have placed the earphones in the ear, next you want to seal them up. For your left ear, reach up with your right hand. Simply grab your left earlobe and pull it downwards to widen your ear canal. Using the left index finger very gently pushes the tip further into your ear. 
  • Don’t force, just push as far as you feel sealed and no irritation in the ear. Let go of your earlobe to let it return to its normal size. Now do the same for your other ear.



  • Headphones are more comfortable and less damaging than earphones. And the procedure of wearing the ear headset is slightly different too. 
  • First, buy a headset that is adjustable. Now, open it slightly and place it from the top of the head on the ears. Both together. 
  • Adjust and place the outer ear in between the cushions of the headphones. Once you feel your ears are sealed, move on to adjusting the headgear. 
  • First fix the size. Gently press to locate the correct size. If the cushions are displacing adjust the size and place it properly. 

A Few Things To Remember 

Hearing Loss 

Our ears are one of the most delicate organs of our body that are made up of three parts, the outer ear, the middle ear, and the inner ear. All these work together to help us hear the sounds. But the part of the inner ear called the cochlea plays the major role. It contains tiny hair cells that send sound messages to the brain. If the sound is constantly too high, the noise can damage the hair cells, according to a health report. The worst part is unlike other parts or organs, the inner ear damage never happens to heal. As time passes as one keeps damaging the hair cells the hearing keeps getting worse and worse.

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A health report suggested that anyone who uses headphones for more than 90 minutes each day could be jeopardising their hearing. Also, the World Health Organisation estimated that more than 1 billion young people are already in danger of hearing loss from portable audio devices, including smartphones

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Ear Infections

Using earphones or headphones for longer duration stops the passage of air which increases the chances of infections in the ear. Also, not changing or sanitising the area of the earphone close to ear makes them home to several bacteria. These bacteria stay on the earphones and on more usage happens to infect the ear. And then if you are in the habit of sharing the earphones, the same bacteria from one person’s ear transfer to the other person, exposing the person also to serious ear infections.