It doesn't matter what your age is as keeping yourself clean down below is a serious matter. There are a lot of simple ways in which you can keep your genitals healthy by incorporating feminine hygiene in your daily routine. Because if you don't, it can also lead to several infections, which we are prettu sure you are not looking forward to.

Material Or Fabric Of Your Undergarment

Shopping for your panties is usually fun as there is so much variety available in the market. The synthetic ones look pretty and sexy but the material is not at all friendly for feminine hygiene. If you have to wear it for a short while, then its fine but for longer duration, we recommend cotton all the way. The reason why synthetic or nylon is not good is that the material does not let you breathe, it encourages sweat and retains fluids against the skin. Whereas cotton provides less room for bacteria formation and reduces sweat.

Wipe It Right

wipe it right

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Are you sure you have been wiping the right way? Cystitis often crops up thanks to the bacteria that live in the colon making its way to our urethra (from where we pee), and since it does not belong there, it can cause UTIs. Therefore make sure you wipse yourself the proper way down there. The easiest way to do so is to wipe from top bottom and not botton to top.

Ditch Soap For pH Balance

ditch soap for ph balance

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If you want to keep yourself fresh and clean down there, stop using soaps there. Certain sopas disrupt the pH balance and wash away the good bacteria called lactobacilli. This bacteria combats any bad invaders like staph aureus. Just use water or something available in the market which is made just for maintaining hygiene of your vagina. 

Be Safe While Shaving

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Shaving is fine as long as you do it the right way. We say that you do it in the shower, towards the end. Then always use a clean razor and do not share your razor please. Always use either a shaving cream or a lubricating gel which reduces the friction between your razor and your vulva.Go slow to avoid cuts. 

Keep A Track On What You Smell Like

We know it sounds wierd or absurd but the point we are making here is that if you smell something different than what you have been smelling like below, there might be a problem. You might just have to vist your gynecologist. 

Combat Dryness 

Dryness is common there at times. There are a lot of reasons that cause the condition. It could be because of decrease in estrogen. While menopause is a major cause for this, but in some cases it is due to stress, depression, chemotherapy, and intense exercise could play a role.

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