The deadly coronavirus outbreak is the worst pandemic that mankind may have ever faced. Not because of its mortality but by its sheer global spread. We are facing this health crisis not in pockets but all at the same time. And the most vulnerable are the ones that need to be protected all the more now, considering that months have gone by and the virus doesn’t seem to be taking any break. To women who are nurturing a life in their wombs, it’s a happy time but definitely marred by confusion and stress. While there is not enough evidence or clear explorations on effect of COVID19 on women, but it suffices to say that the innate immune system is naturally weaker amongst pregnant women and they are therefore most susceptible to attacks by virus/bacteria or other pathogens. Having said, it would be heartening to learn that our Indic Sciences have even taken care of the health, wellness and immunity of humankind into account in our ancient texts. Dr Raviraj Ahirrao, Co-Founder, Vastu Raviraj tells us vastu tips that could help in strengthening the health immunity of one of the most vulnerable segments as potential risks to COVID.

Common Health-related Vastu Tips:

1. According to Vastushastra, North of North-East region is considered as the health zone. This zone should be strictly reserved for entrance, living room, bathroom (not toilet), abode of God or should be open with no heaviness or heavy structures on it. Any Vastu defect in this region will always lead to health issues.


2. Remove everything of red colour from North to North -East region. This could cause health issues.


3. One must ideally keep an image or idol of Lord Dhanvantari in North of North –East for better health prospects

4. It would be ideal to install a mantra chanting machine in Nort-East having the recitation of the Mahamrityunjay and Dhanvantari mantra in a continuous and low volume.

5. In case you have a patient at home, one must keep all medicines as well as sleeping arrangements of patient in North of North-East.

6. Minor Vastu defects in North-East zone could also cause minor health issues but it could be rather frequent

7. Imbalance in any of the zones dedicated to the elements like water, air, fire and earth could lead to health problems associated with organs which are particularly influenced by those specific elements.

If the Fire element is not balanced properly in the placement of kitchen in the South-East region then problems with hormones, gynaecological and obstetrics diseases, Gastroenterology, and ophthalmic problems are more likely.

Any imbalance with earth element by not having a master bedroom, heavy structures, staircase and/or storage in the South-West region could create problems of skin, bones, teeth etc. Fear-Psychosis, depression, inferiority complex related problems do arise due to earth element or South West disturbance.

Vastu-defects in North-West indicate a disturbance of air element causing ailments related with breathing like Asthma & other respiratory issues.

The Brahma or the Central region affects the central part of our body. Problems with stomach disorders are found more prominent with a disturbed Brahma region. Defects in Brahma region could also lead to diabetes.


8. It has been generally found that the presence of temple/altar or the abode of God in the wrong direction could mean undiagnosed diseases and/or poor response to treatment.


9. All medicines and health-related documents should be kept in North of North-East section of your home ideally.

10. One should always allow morning sun rays to enter your homes. It kills all the germs and organisms, however, one should always prohibit setting sun rays in entering the house.

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11. Presence of toilet, drainage, septic tank, garbage bins in North-East can create a lot of health problems. One should be wary of it

12. Any Vastu defect in West of North-West causes depression and/or psychological disorders

13. A cluttered home or a house full of very old furniture and/or excessive dumping of clothes and unwanted utilities are also responsible for health problems.

14. Use of copper and silver utensils in day to day utility can help in increasing immunity of the household.

15. There should not be a door immediately next to our legs or head in a sleeping position. One could develop health problems due to this small anomaly.

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16. Vastu Purush is placed in our Vastu with head in North-East and legs in South-West and hands each in North-West and South-East. Vastu defects in any of these areas could correspond with health problems in that part of the body (For e.g, a headache corresponds to Vastu defects in NE. If you have problems in the right knee it indicates Vastu defects in South-East whereas Vastu defects of North-West could lead to Vastu defects in left knee).

vastu purush

1. By creating impact of orange colour in South -East, it will help in enhancing energies beneficial for good health.

2. Any imbalance in water element or North to East zone, could give rise to cardiac and progeny related issues.

3. Absence of Kitchen (Fire element) in South-East region could lead to gynaecological problems in women.

4. Multiple Vastu defects in South-East could lead to complications during delivery

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5. Absence of abode of God in North to East zone increases threats from negative energies during pregnancy

6. Vastu defects in South-West by not having a master bedroom may lead to problems like fear-Psychosis, lack of confidence, anxiety and skin and bones related problems amongst women.

7. Stomach-related problems are found more prominently with a disturbed Brahma region.

8. A combined Vastu imbalance in the North-East and South-East could lead to major health issues among women.

9. Any residence with Vastu defects in three zones viz North-East, South-East and South-West together cause serious problems or delay in progeny, delay in pregnancy or conceiving and complications in deliveries.

ivf treatment

10. Couples opting for IVF treatment, should simultaneously clear all Vastu defects of their residence, as well.

11. All those ladies having their kitchen in South, South-West, and West can experience fatigue and tiredness very easily.

12. Women preferably should sleep in South or West direction which can ensure protection to their health and wellness.

In a nutshell, pregnancy is a dynamic state; with immunity varying on the different stages of pregnancy. Having a strong immunity and fighting infections is crucial during such a vital period. And as you would seek the help of an expert doctor for her, it would be ideal to get a Vastu expert on board, when you are planning to use this science to doubly strengthen the immunity of our womenfolk.

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