During festive season, our Pooja rooms becoming as important as any part of the house. Not just festive season actually, the year-round! We want our pooja corners to look as beautiful as any other. Here are some pretty pooja rooms for inspiration which cover the smallest of corners to the biggest of rooms.

Festive Theme With Orange Dominating It All

pooja room one

Here it is all about the colour play and the lights that have been placed on the top of the temple structure and on wither sides of it. Tea lights can totally amp up your pooja rooms.

If You Have A Small Corner

pooja room two

This decor idea is the coolest to me. It is compact, clean, cute and pretty. It is okay if you do not have an entire room for it, a small space can look as good if the right pooja ghar structure is placed.

For Those Who Do Not Want It On The Ground

pooja room three

This one is light on the eye as the colour white dominates. The two screens look nice on this white shelf drawer. This way it becomes a space for pooja without showing off much. What adds to it are the twp temple bells hanging from the ceiling.

Spaced Out

pooja room four

This pooja space is airy, spaced out and very minimalistic. What adds the grandeur are the bells.

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Mirrors & Spaces

pooja room five

If you have a room or any kind of space, play it up with a mirror panel and keep it all white.

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All White & Marble or POP

pooja room six

This one would be great but needs pre-planning. A plaster of Paris panel would look awesome like here with the traditional light lamps on either sides. 

For Small Corner With Traditional Pooja Ghar

pooja room seven

Here shelves have been used instead of a pooja ghar which too looks good if decorated aesthetically. 

A Marble throne & Orange Wall

pooja room eight

This one doesn't have many elements but has a marble throne, an orange wall and the pooja ghar pannel looks epic!

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