5 Signs That Indicate That You Need A Break!

Have you been feeling lethargic, goal less, lost and broken? Then these signs prove that you need a break ladies!

Kishori Sud
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Dr. Anuneet Sabharwal, MBBS, MD Psychiatrist says that professionals who are burning out feel frustrated simply with the notion of going to work. Burnout is quite common, and a very grave issue. It's rooted in the corporate world and the modern way of life. The World Health Organisation (WHO) in 2018, officially classified it as a medical diagnosis and a condition in the International Classification of Diseases. The handbook provided to medical practitioners in diagnosing diseases refers to Burnout as “a syndrome evolved due to chronic workplace anxiety and distress.” Stats reveal that more than 60% of employees suffer from psychological stress and burnout, leading to frequent absenteeism. According to a survey report conducted in 2018, 40% of the 2000 employees interviewed expressed that they were considering quitting jobs due to burnout.

If you are going through something similar, it is indeed important to identify the signs of getting close to burn out as it can lead to serious consequences. Read below to know 5 common signs that indicate you are close to burn out, as pointed out by Sabharwal.

Mentally and Physically Exhausted  


You may find it increasingly hard to concentrate on your task, and it seems like a never-ending process to accomplish the work. Your body often feels tired, and you may feel an abnormal appetite or sleeping habit. You end up feeling too exhausted to take up any more tasks at work or attend meetings.

Not Able To Maintain Enthusiasm In Your Life

no enthu

Negative thoughts constantly haunt you, and you no longer feel good about anything. Burn out, unfortunately, burns down your optimistic approach towards life, turning it upside down.

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You Begin Questioning Everything Happening In Your Life

When you start wondering why you are doing things that do not make sense to you or do not make you happy, it’s an indication that you are almost burnt out. You may find everything absurd, and start having an existential crisis. Meaningless social and professional norms feel disgusting, even celebrations like birthday parties and festivities may seem a useless expression of fake happiness. It all bursts out in a way that you find no reason to be at a workplace where you are being humiliated.


You Become Cynical

cold hearted

A cynical or the sarcastic attitude is a scornful way of pessimism that turns you blunt, disinterested and the most damaging as you do not care anymore. You become cold-hearted, and often land up in fights with your friends or colleagues. Such an attitude if kept longer may make others stay away from you. When burnout takes a spike, victims usually become cynical, losing all their valuable relations and emotions as they center themselves around negativity and loneliness.


You Want To Run Away

run away

Burnout gives you a strong urge to escape from your existing life and start everything from scratch in a new world where such horrible nuances cannot affect you. You may have ideas of leaving everything behind and indulging in travelling, spirituality, adventure or anything that can take you away from this menacing anxiety. 

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Be cautious if you can relate to such feelings, as it may cause you serious health issues or drastic behavioural changes. Navigate ways to deal with such situations by putting a pause to these miseries, by switching to a healthier job and workplace and by strategising your priorities in the ultimate pursuit of happiness.

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