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6 Tricks To Detox Your Mind

Give your mind the much needed detox with these simple activities.
Published -11 Oct 2021, 17:07 ISTUpdated -11 Oct 2021, 17:19 IST
mind detox tricks

Sometimes with so much going on, the mind doesn't feel at rest and this calls for a mind detox. Give a detoxHere's a list of some activities that you can do to detoxify your mind and feel good.

1. Start Unfollowing

If certain people are appearing toxic and are affecting your mental health, then it's time to unfollow them. We can call those people toxic to you who seem to suck your life. They behave in a way that creates drama and they live for such constant drama. They are needy, don't respect boundaries, and are critical of others, manipulative and judgemental. The simple trick to know if the person is good for your mental health or not, just think if that person let's you feel empowered, informed and inspired or not. If not, then it's time to say bye to those people and unfollow.

2. Be selectively Social

selectively social

You don't need to talk to a lot of people if it's affecting your brain. Just be selectively social. It means intentionally keeping your circle small. With not many people around, there will be less drama and your mind will feel more at peace.

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3. Start Writing


Writing is a form of mental medicine. When you're mentally and emotionally drained, writing down your concerns might help you organise your thoughts and bring calm to your mind. Journaling can be beneficial for a variety of reasons and can help you in achieving a variety of objectives. Along with helping with mind clarity, it can also help you meet your goals or improve your quality of life. It's simple: just jot down whatever is on your mind. Set a timer for 30 minutes and do a brain dump of all the things you want to complain about or issues you're having trouble with. It will help you to let go of your anxieties and purify your mind.

4. Talk To Yourself

Talking to yourself may seem weird, but it can be really helpful. Talking through your thoughts can help you detangle your rushing thoughts and focus more effectively. Also, pose uncomfortable questions to yourself. A little pep talk and positive affirmations repeated in front of the mirror can go a long way toward achieving specific goals. Speaking aloud is also a terrific method to clear your mind and give yourself credit where credit is due.

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5. Meditate

meditate ()

Meditation is the practice of thinking deeply or concentrating for a period of time. While there are many different types of meditation, the end goal is to achieve a sense of relaxation and inner peace, which can help with mental health. During meditation, you focus your attention and clear your mind of distracting thoughts that cause tension. Meditation has been linked to improved emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual well-being in many circumstances.

6. Think Of The Bigger Picture

Make a list of your long-term objectives. Consider it your vision, and focus on it. Keep it in mind even as you go about your daily activities. Small things in life that may be upsetting you will bother you less if you think like this.

Regularly engage in these detoxifying exercises to help your mind relax.

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