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    Battle Stress & Relax Your Mind, Body By Practicing These Yoga Asanas

    Dr.Hansaji Yogendra, Director at The Yoga Institute suggests yoga asanas that help de-stress and relax your body. 
    Updated at - 2020-05-22,11:00 IST
    yoga for stress

    Dr.Hansaji Yogendra, Director at The Yoga Institute says that Yoga asanas don’t only work on the physical body but also on the mental and emotional levels. There are certain asanas that focus on Aishwarya Bhava, that is, inculcating the attitude of self-reliance. There is an emphasis on experiential learning and attitudinal training. With constant yoga practice, one can notice an increase in willpower, confidence, energy levels increase and this brings in tremendous joy and positivity in life.

    Open up your hearts with these asanas Dr.Hansaji Yogendra, Director at The Yoga Institute, that help to relax the body and mind when under stress:


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    A simple pose to develop faith, self-confidence, and a calm state of mind. It expands the chest to open up not only the body but also the mind. It strengthens the willpower.

    For this asana:

    • Lie on your stomach with the legs together and hands by the side of the chest.
    • Inhaling, raise your entire torso off the floor, the head tilted backward and lookup.
    • Your back will be arched and the hands are straightened.
    • Remain in this position for six seconds.
    • Exhaling, return to the starting position.


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    The process of the practice of this asana and its final form brings about a sense of achievement devoid of ego and ushers humility. It also acts as a stress reliever and calms the mind.

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    For this asana:

    • Sit with your legs stretched in front of you, keep your hands by the side of the body.
    • Inhaling, lean backward keeping your hands by the side of the chest, folded at the elbow.
    • Exhaling, bend forward, stretching your hands to hold the toes.
    • Try to touch the forehead to the knees.
    • Breathe normally in the final position for 7-8 breaths and slowly release the pose.

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    This is an effective asana to overcome physical or mental fatigue and calm an agitated mind. It induces a meditative effect and helps to turn the mind inwards, calming it and protecting it from stress and anxiety.

    For this asana:

    • Lie down on your stomach making a pillow with your hands.
    • Keep your legs stretched with the heels apart and big toes touching each other.
    • Once you are in the position, remain motionless and drop down all your body weight.
    • Stay in this position for 5 minutes with normal breathing.


    A very simple asana to open up your chest region, which further helps to improve your respiration. It not only calms the body and mind but also relieves stress.

    For this asana:

    • Get on your knees and support your lower back with your hands.
    • Slowly take both the hands behind and grab your heels.
    • Push your hips forward and arch your back, let your head drop behind and chin point upwards.
    • Stay in this position for 6-7 breaths and gently release the asana.

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