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Exclusive: Malaika Arora Shares Her Gharelu Nuskhas, Diet And Fitness Routine

In my latest interaction with Malaika Arora, I asked her to share her trusted home remedies for wellness and a lot more. 
Published -11 Oct 2021, 12:00 ISTUpdated -11 Oct 2021, 12:07 IST
malaika arora exclusive interview home remedies for skin health diet plan weight loss

Ever since the pandemic has hit us, we have been talking about immunity, wellness, more than ever. The pandemic is still here and we all have been quite particular about our health regime. 

Most days we look up to our favourite Bollywood celebrities when it comes to health and fitness. A lot of B-town celebs are wellness freaks and inspire us to pamper our bodies from both outside and inside. Malaika Arora is one of them! 

Malaika Arora was recently one of the panelists at the virtual press conference for the launch of the Tetley Green Tea immune. I had an exclusive interaction with Malaika Arora and spoke to her about her COVID recovery journey, health routine, home remedies for wellness and a lot more. Read on. 

Beating COVID With Her Mantra 

Malaika Arora got infected with COVID-19 last year. Like many others who got infected with the deadly virus, she too lost hope initially but she managed to motivate herself and recover. Talking about the same, she said, "I too was just like all the others feeling weak and hopeless when I was diagnosed with Covid-19 in the month of September last year. I felt my whole world was collapsing, walking to the window to breath fresh air was a task and being isolated from my family was very agonising. After being tested negative I was sacred that I would never be able to feel fit and do my exercises like I did earlier with full gusto. I was gaining weight and working that out was brutal. I felt disappointed that my body wasn't supporting how my mind felt."

"The four-letter word that enables me to power through was HOPE! The hope that everything is going to be alright and embracing positive thoughts even when it felt like I was knee deep soaked in pessimism. I thank everyone who sent thoughtful messages and inspirational quotes over DMs and texts. I come out of this phase with 2 words. GRIT and GRATITUDE. I changed my diet as I realized it doesn’t matter how fit you look from the outside, until you are fit from the inside all of the workout you do doesn’t matter. I focused on my inner fitness and wellness and not just external henceforth. My appeal to all is please make sure you are internally fit- lago baahar se fit aur andar se bhi," she added.

Food And Drink Recommendations For Those Recovering From COVID

malaika arora diet fruit juices

Malaika Arora followed a super healthy diet to recover from COVID-19. I asked her to recommend some food and drinks she would recommend those recovering from COVID and she shared, "I would advise, have lots of vegetables which aren’t overcooked. Include in your diet more maize, millets, oats, brown rice, yams et al. If you are craving for a snack- have a rich bowl of juicy fruits which has more citrus elements. And most essential keep yourself hydrated with lots of water and fresh homemade juices and green tea. Consume food which can easily be digested and isn’t heavy and makes you feel uneasy."

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Fitness And Diet Routine Post COVID

oats diet plan malaika

After recovering from coronavirus, Malaika Arora made a lot of changes in her fitness and diet routine. She shared, "Yes absolutely I made a lot of changes in my diet and routine. I will never ever propagate fad diets or unhealthy living. I am someone who is always particular about my fitness and my quality of life. Like I said earlier, it doesn’t matter how fit you look from the outside but internally if you are not fit and healthy you won’t be able to cope with anything It is important to stay hydrated. The other thing I followed was to steam and gargle twice a day, because your throat does bother you. I use to sip on green tea from time to time as it has anti-oxidants that help cleanse my body from within along with the added Vitamin C known to aid in supporting the body’s immune system. I also made it a point to sanitise everything, because prevention is better than cure and this is one of the most important factor to keep in mind. If you have the energy, a little bit of yoga or breathing exercises are good. I also tried to religiously sit in the sun every morning for 40 minutes, and that really helped me."

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Her List Of Immunity Boosting Foods

Ever since the pandemic hit us, we all have turned to immunity boosting foods. I asked Malaika Arora what all immunity boosting foods she added to her diet. She said, "Yes Covid has been an eye opener for me, even though I have my meals well planned and try to stick to the healthier lane of food habits; I realized it doesn’t matter how fit you look from the outside if you aren’t fit from the inside or your immunity isn’t strong you won’t be able to cope through anything. Yes I do understand you should have your vitamin supplements and tablets but also eat healthy- have lots of water, green vegetables, citrus fruits and don’t starve yourself. Have small meals but healthy meals which are filled with protein, nuts, fiber. Detox your body with green tea, avoid processed sugar, extra salt. This is what I have done and urge you all too also try. All bodies are different, as what is food for me, might be poison for you- so chart out a diet plan for yourself which keeps you internally healthy and fit."

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Gharelu Nuskhas For Wellness And Skin

haldi ka paani malaika arora secrets

If you follow Malaika Arora closely, you know she relies on home remedies/gharelu nuskhas more than anything else. Talking about nuskhas she follows for her health, she said, "Yes I do! Nothing beats garh k nuskhe, like one cup of haldi ka paani when you are sick or as a face pack on a weekend. Besan to remove dead skin or a bit of cold curd on your face to reduce the heat. If you feel a bit of indigestion have a cup of methi seeds and jeera seeds soaked overnight in water, filter out the seeds and just have the water. Always works wonders. Home remedies have and will always remain the best."

Malaika's Guide To Practise Inner Wellness

A lot of people are talking about promoting inner wellness today. Malaika Arora, while talking about practising it shared, "I always believed in the power of fitness and a sound mind but when I was diagnosed with Covid-19, another important factor got added into my health bag which is inner wellness. We live in a time where the ‘trend’ culture has taken the driver’s seat. Right now a very profound proverb comes across my mind which is “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”. Everyone is blindly and senselessly following trends overlooking the fact of ‘how beneficial is this for me?’

Everyone wants a sculpted body which can be Instagrammable but I want to pose this question- are you guys really fit? Or are we all really fit? I too workout but the one vital lesson I learnt from my experience with Covid-19 is unless you are internally fit, you cannot claim yourself to be holistically fit. Its high time people talk about inner fitness and wellness and make this a trend to adhere to. Talk about healthy food and beverages to consume, discuss about your inner health charts, chalk out a dietary plan for your inner fitness which makes you actually be fit rather than just looking fit."

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