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    Try Malaika Arora's 3- Ingredient Fruit And Vegetable Ice Cube Hack For Toned, Glowing Skin

    In an interview, Malaika Arora shared an easy beauty hack that has the goodness of fruits and vegetables. Here is why you should try it!
    Updated at - 2020-07-07,16:54 IST
    malaika arora potatoes for face

    Even at 46, Malaika Arora's has a spotless and toned skin, she is clearly ageing like fine wine. Malaika keeps posting selfies sans makeup on her Instagram and we all wonder how does she manage to look gorgeous all the time! 

    Do you know, many Bollywood divas stick to no-fuss, simple beauty remedies rather than going for elaborate beauty treatments and that's the real secret to their flawless skin! We all keep wondering what beauty products or treatments make their skin glow. Well, the secret is homemade remedies. 

    malaika skincare secret

    Malaika Arora in an interview with Pinkvilla shared that she sticks to this easy beauty hack for healthy skin. She said, “An easy one I enjoy using includes papaya, potato, and tomato. I blend them together, add a little cold water to the mix, and freeze it in an ice tray. You can rub a cube on your face and let the juices stay on for some time. It’s cooling, closes pores, and has all the goodness of the fruits and veggies. Using it as an ice cube is so much more refreshing than making it into a gooey mask.”

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    Benefits Of Using Fruit And Vegetable Ice Cube Beauty Hack


    potatoes for skincare

    Potato or aloo is our comfort food, we all love it! However, do you know, potatoes are great for our skin? Packed with vitamin C, B1, B3 and B6, potassium, and magnesium, potatoes can help you get clear and glowing skin you always wished for. Here are some amazing benefits of using potatoes on your skin:

    • If you wake up with a puffy face, rubbing this ice cube on your face will help in reducing puffiness. 
    • It helps in getting rid of dark spots, acne marks, and blemishes. 
    • Antioxidants present in potatoes protect your skin from damage caused by harmful rays of the sun and polluted air. 
    • Potatoes help in delaying signs of ageing. 
    • Potatoes brighten and tone your skin, make it look youthful and glowing! 


    Papaya is a good source of antioxidants and nutrients which is great for our skin. 

    1. Papaya has vitamin A which helps in removing dead skin cells and keeps your skin clean and fresh. 
    2. Using papaya on acne scars helps in getting rid of unwanted blemishes
    3. Papaya keeps your skin moisturised, thus, great for women with dry skin.
    4. Papaya also helps in lightening your skin tone, it removes sun tanning. 
    5. It works as a natural bleaching agent and reduces under-eye dark circles. 

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    Tomatoes are great for your skin. It is one of the best ingredients you can use on your face for clear and glowing skin. Tomatoes have vitamin C and potassium which can instantly make your skin glow. 

    • Tomatoes reduce the oiliness from your face and make your skin clean and tight. 
    • If you have open pores then using tomatoes is the best way to shrink them. 
    • Using tomatoes is a great way of reducing sun tanning
    • Regular usage of tomatoes helps in reducing the effect of sunburn. It makes your skin look fair and fresh. 
    • Tomatoes works like natural skin toner, it keeps your skin hydrated and also gives it a natural glow. 

    Do try this easy beauty hack and share the results with us! For more celebrity beauty secrets, stay tuned to HerZindagi.

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