A Guide For Women To Pick An Intimate Wash

Are you confused about which intimate wash will help you get rid of itching and redness? Read on!

Krati Purwar
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Having the right intimate wash is crucial to taking care of your genital area. The sensitivity of your vagina makes it important for you to conduct thorough research before purchasing the product.

An intimate wash helps women get rid of the redness, itching and other problems. It helps you keep up with the hygiene standards and ensures that you do not feel any discomfort.

How To Pick An Intimate Wash?

Check For Lactic Acid

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Lactic acid is a content that you find in sour milk. Do you know that it has cleaning properties? Hence, if the intimate wash contains lactic acid, it will help to balance the pH of the genital area.

The acid not only takes care of the environment of the vagina, but it also prevents the growth of bacteria. Therefore, an intimate wash containing lactic acid will keep the vagina protected from infections.

Check For pH Value

Vagina has a high acidic value as compared to the rest of the body. Hence, you need an intimate wash that can maintain the pH. If you are picking a wash for everyday use, its pH value must lie between 4.5 and 7. It will help to prevent itching and is an important aspect of personal hygiene.

Check For Scent

If you think that an intimate wash will add a flowery smell to your vagina, you are making the biggest mistake. Every woman smells different down there, and it is normal. The smell also depends on what you eat.

Therefore, if an intimate wash promises to add a pleasant smell to your vagina, you must immediately drop it. The chemicals can cause allergies to your genitals. It can also lead to irritation and itching.

Check For Capric Glycerides/Caprylic

These components ensure to hydrate your vagina. Often friction with clothes leads to loss of moisture in your intimate area, and therefore, these chemical compounds come in handy to keep the skin moisturised.

When purchasing an intimate wash, you must check that it contains both caprylic and glycerine. They both offer an efficient cleaning effect and help you to maintain the health of your vagina.

Check For Antiseptics

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We know how it sounds, but on the contrary, you must not buy an intimate wash that does not contain antiseptics. Our intimate area contains lactobacilli, which are known to maintain the intimate hygiene.

Lactobacilli prevents the growth of bacteria and keeps infection at bay. If the intimate wash contains antiseptic, it will destroy lactobacilli, creating an imbalance in the environment of the vagina.

Check For Chemicals

After checking for the above properties, women must also that the intimate wash does not contain harmful and harsh chemicals like artificial colours, methylchloroisothiazolinone (skin irritant), phthalates and parabens. These can lead to irritation, itching or completely destroy the balanced environment of the vagina.

Natural Ingredients That Help To Restore The Balance Of Vagina


It is a powerful agent that can fight and kill bacteria. It promotes the growth of good bacteria and helps to maintain the health of the intimate area.

Coconut Oil

Boasting numerous benefits for skin and hair, coconut oil is also an important ingredient to restore the balance of the environment of the vagina. It is an ideal product to cleanse sensitive areas without ripping the skin off hydration.

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When Can You Use An Intimate Wash?

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An intimate wash is a product that women can use at any time of the day. It provides a soothing effect to skin irritation. The ingredients in the product help you get rid of unpleasant odours.

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You can decide whether you want to use an intimate wash every day or twice/ thrice a week. Most women prefer to use it during periods, before and after intercourse and when taking antibiotics.

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