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How To Quit Biting Your Nails, Forever!

 Nail-biting is a habit that cannot be stopped by force. What is the next best option to help you quit? 
how to stop nail biting

Is nail-biting something a habit you have a tough time with? Knowing the underlining cause of your habit may be the end to it too! 

We often spot people having an instant reaction to biting their nails when introduced to an unfamiliar situation in life. Ever stopped and wondered why that may be? In our conversation with Dr. Divya Jain, who is also a certified Sport & Counselling Psychologist, Head - Psychological Services at Fortis Healthcare, we dug deep into the same to help you find answers to your questions. 

Why Do We Bite Our Nails? 

Nail-biting has been a commonly seen habit amongst toddlers and kids. We can safely assume it to be something that everybody deals with as we grow up! 

It is in a human’s natural tendency to resort to biting nails when we encounter an unfamiliar situation or being placed in a place of stress and anxiety! 

Stress and anxiety are two common mental health issues we most commonly deal with when put into situations varying from your usual. 

When Do You Develop The Habit Of Nail Biting? 

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The most common answer to this question is childhood. Many individuals resort to biting their nails as they witness something that triggers their anxiety levels. 

While the habit may mellow down and leave your body as you grow old, some individuals retain the daily and live with it. 

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Some Reasons To Stop Nail Biting


While there may be many physiological reasons to stay away from this habit there are many others that affect your mental health and body. 

Nail-biting is known to let your nails grow into weird shapes and sizes. We don’t see that as an appealing thing, do you? 

Nail-biting is an ongoing process. Working in an office may put you on the radar. Not everybody around you will be comfortable with you putting your hand in your mouth all the time. It surely gives off an unprofessional attitude to the person you’re working with/for.

Nail-biting can also harm you. It may give you deeper, underlining issues of self-doubt. Mental health is something you should deeply look into, with the help of a certified doctor. 

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How To Stop Nail Biting

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The initial step to resolving an issue like nail biting is to be aware. An individual should be aware of their ongoing habit that could be hampering their situations in life. 

After that a person has become fully aware of his or her habit, awareness is what drives a person into quitting the habit for a better lifestyle. 

If an individual is dealing with issues like stress and anxiety, it is ideal to take help from a certified doctor such as a psychologist. A psychologist will go through a couple of behavioral therapy tests and activities that will resort to quitting the habit of nail-biting 

To steer clear from the habit of biting your nails, it takes the effort of acknowledgment and analysis to self-drive yourself into the state you desire. 

According to Dr. Divya Jain, it is very much important to raise awareness on issues like anxiety and stress as most of us to deal with the same in many ways than we can think of. 

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