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    How To Reduce The Risk Of IVF Failure? Expert Suggests

    In-vitro fertilization is a safe and efficient method for infertility treatment but sometimes, this advanced treatment can fail to give results.
    Published -26 Nov 2021, 13:56 ISTUpdated -26 Nov 2021, 15:14 IST
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    In-vitro fertilization is a safe and efficient method for infertility treatment. Although the success rate of IVF is growing at a fast pace, sometimes, this advanced treatment can fail to give results which can be heart-breaking for couples. As pregnancy is already a complex process, it is difficult to indicate exactly what factors lead to the failure of IVF. However, there can be a few factors that can cause this failure.

    What are the causes of IVF failure?

    The essential variables for successful IVF treatment are the uterus which can nurture the growth of the baby, functional sperm, and healthy egg. and lifestyle factors also contribute to making the treatment successful. 

    Causes Of IVF Failure

    Dr. Apurva Satish Amarnath, Fertility Consultant, Nova IVF Fertility, Bangalore shares some of the common causes of IVF failure are:  

    Age And Quality Of Egg  

    sperm ivf failure 

    As women are born with all the eggs they will ever have, as age advances, the egg number declines, and the rate of decline is different for all women. Along with number, there is a decline in the quality of egg, and increased risk of genetic anomalies, which manifests as increased risk of abortion after the age of 35. This can also cause a decline in fertility and the probability of pregnancy. The success rate of IVF also depends on female age. Therefore, you must go for fertility check-ups early to review your reproductive health and take immediate treatment as soon as possible.

    Quality Of Sperm  

    Major sperm abnormalities can cause implantation failure. Also, abnormal sperm parameters can cause poor embryo quality which causes a decline in pregnancy rates. Use of ICSI can be an option in these cases. 

    Quality Of Embryo  

    The quality of the embryo is assessed using morphological parameters such as rate of cell division, cell stage and if growth parameter follows proper kinetics. But ultimately, it’s an embryo that is genetically normal, that leads to a pregnancy.  If the embryo is genetically abnormal, the treatment will fail. The genetic component of the embryo cannot be checked by morphological grading and would require a specialized test. 

    Health & Lifestyle  

    health ivf failure

    Both men and women should follow a healthy lifestyle to avoid failure of the treatment. In case the parents take alcohol or smoke cigarettes, the consequence of the treatment will be negative. Lifestyle issues like diabetes, heart problems, or obesity can also hinder the success of the treatment.

    Other causes include problems in retrieving the egg and transferring embryos to the uterus. During the process of transferring embryos, they must be placed at the correct location. This is the most critical part of an IVF cycle, which must be done correctly. Taking treatment with a clinic which has good experience and success rates, will improve the chances of success. 

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    How To Reduce The Risk Of IVF Failure?

    You can follow a few tips suggested by Dr. Apurva Satish Amarnath to increase the chances of conceiving a child through in-vitro fertilization:  

    food ivf failure

    • Take a proper diet and all the nutrients required for a healthy pregnancy. Avoid packed or processed foods and a high intake of sugar.
    • Do physical exercise regularly but avoid heavy work-out sessions
    • If you have faced miscarriages or failures in infertility treatments, you can consider genetic screening and testingalcohol ivf failure .


    • Avoid alcohol and quit smoking.
    • You must check Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone (TSH) as there are links between miscarriages and TSH levelsyoga ivf failure.


    • Practice yoga and meditation to calm your mind, as stress can disrupt the IVF process.  
    • Mothers should improve their sleeping patterns and get enough sleep which is necessary for a healthy pregnancy.
    • You must maintain your body mass index or BMI as it improves the chances of success. If you are overweight, you must lose some weight at least three months before the procedure begins. 

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    Apart from these, you must keep your body and mind healthy and have patience throughout the procedure. Failure of one or two cycles can be emotionally, mentally, and physically draining for a couple. However, you do not have to worry and blame yourself for it. Keep following what your doctor or fertility specialist recommends to you. Before starting a new cycle of IVF, it is advisable to consult your specialist for further information.

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