It’s the month of July which means it is extremely hot and humid. Falling asleep without an AC or cooler isn’t an option. However, they are not the best options for your health. Dr. Suneel Bharadwaj said that “Sleeping in AC and cooler might be tempting but sleeping with a fan on is a better option as it provides us with a natural sleep, thus, providing us with several benefits.”

Read on to know some of the benefits of sleeping with a ceiling fan on.

Air Circulation

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Air circulation is really important as proper air circulation in a room can result in several benefits. It helps to keep the room ventilated so that there is a less stagnant smell and more air flowing. Many people feel that this way they can breathe better and also makes them feel less claustrophobic. Also, a study conducted in 2008 found that a fan can reduce the risk of SIDs by 70%.

White Noise

Another reason that proves we should sleep with a fan on is because they create white noise that can be soothing for many people and helps them sleep better. In fact, many people have created YouTube videos with the sound of a fan to help people sleep better but nothing’s better than the fan itself. Fans are designed to be whisper-quiet, however, the constant whir of sound from the ceiling fan blades can help to block out the sudden sounds during the night that can wake us up.

It Keeps Us Cool

This is the most obvious benefit but an important one. Most people use a fan while sleeping in order to control the temperature and keep themselves cool. A fan encourages the core body temperature to drop and create a breezy feeling. This is why people also use fans along with air conditioners and coolers.

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Gets Rid Of Any Odours

The best thing about a fan is that it gets the air to move, thus, getting rid of any weird or bad smell in the room. They can especially get rid of odours (hacks to keep closet and clothes odour-free) that are out of your control and keep you awake all night.

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Helps You Sleep Better

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Apart from the amazing benefits that the fan has to offer such as keeping the room cool and quiet, it also helps us to sleep better (tips to sleep better). This is because the environment around you plays an important role to help you get proper sleep at night. You will obviously sleep better in a cool and ventilated room without any noise and smell.

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Helps Prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

It is found that a large number of infants die of SIDS every year making it a major cause of concern. High temperature and increased amount of carbon dioxide levels in the room can increase the risk of SIDS. However, you can avoid this by keeping a fan on. This is because air circulation lowers the temperature and decreases the concentration of carbon dioxide. 

Sleep with a ceiling fan on in your room for the above-mentioned benefits. For more such stories, stay tuned to HerZindagi!