Can Drinking Water Help You Reduce Weight?

Using water to the maximum utility, here’s how you can start your weight loss journey with something you have at home! 

Mahima Girotra
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Water is a commodity that is available to everybody and anybody throughout the world. Priced at a lower amount, water is something that has inestimable worth.

Drinking water has innumerable benefits, while focussing on women who are in the 50 plus bracket, it’s a particularly powerful tool in weight and health management. For women who cross 50, the metabolism tends to take a toll, as it slows down the process. It becomes harder for the human body to burn down the food into energy after a certain age and that should be taken into a note. As the metabolism rate slows down, it becomes harder to lose weight as you age!

Here are ways you can use water to your rescue and shed a few kilos!

Drink Water 30 Minutes Before Your Meal


Science is proof of this phenomenon that hydration can help you in losing weight! Our health expert, Mrs. Anupama Girotra, Dietician suggests that drinking adequate amounts of water 30 minutes before meals have significant weight-loss benefits.

It can also make you feel fuller and thereby consume fewer calories. Drinking water before eating a meal cuts down on overeating while also helping your body break down fat and burn it more quickly.

How Much Water Should You Be Consuming?

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You should ideally have an intake of about 1.8 L a day but activities like exercising, weather conditions, and your body weight play an even role in making a shift on the same.

A popular water-based weight loss method is to drink up as soon as you wake up. Drinking a glass of water the first thing in the morning is an effective way to rehydrate your body and kickstart your metabolism.

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How To Incorporate Water In Your Daily Routine?

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The main question that arises is how you incorporate water into your system? While doing a million things a day, many of us forget to drink a glass of water or keep a track of our intake. There may be simple ways you can help yourself and find yourself shedding a few kilos by the end of the month!

  • Making ice pops out of the water, crushed fruit, and almond milk.
  • Drinking hot water with lemon or herbs before bed.
  • Add crushed red pepper to your food to increase thirst while also boosting your metabolism.

Tip- Try carrying a water bottle around. This will help you stay hydrated!

It is an ideal choice to prefer water instead of sugary beverages like cold drinks or soda. Beverages contain a high amount of sugar and calories. A can of cola would contain 40 grams of sugar and 139 calories. These carbonated drinks give you a lot of energy and contain caffeine. They can be a once in while drink but should not be a choice for daily consumption.

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Other Benefits of Drinking Water

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Water is not ideally just used as a weight loss essential, but has other benefits too!

Water plays an essential role in cell production and productivity. It keeps a cell going, and keeps it healthier. Water is a much-needed ingredient to help the human body flush out toxins in the form of urine.

Hydration gives you the gift of glowing skin, making you look younger and fresher with time. This is the reason why skin care products have a moisturizing effect in them as they are water-based. Instead of just adding product to the outside, take the time to ‘moisturize’ from within and double your efforts.

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