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Mother-To-Be Debina Bonnerjee Suffered From Endometriosis, What Is It And How She Dealt With It?

Debina Bonerjee conceived her first baby 11 years after marriage with Gurmeet Choudhary.
Published -14 Mar 2022, 14:00 ISTUpdated -14 Mar 2022, 14:36 IST
  • Tanya Malik
  • Editorial
  • Published -14 Mar 2022, 14:00 ISTUpdated -14 Mar 2022, 14:36 IST
debina bonnerjee pregnancy problems

Telly couple Debina Bonnerjee and Gurmeet Choudhary are making headlines ever since they announced their pregnancy. The couple is pregnant with their first child and they announcecd it with a special Instagram post. 

Both Debina Bonnerjee and Gurmeet Choudhary are quite active on their social media after the announcement and sharing about their pregnancy journey through their posts and videos. For those who don't know, Debina Bonnerjee also has her own YouTube channel. Recently, she posted a video on her channel where she talked about the pressure she dealt with the failure to conceive and more. 

Debina Bonnerjee On Dealing With Societal Pressure

Debina Bonnerjee and Gurmeet Choudhary will be welcoming their first baby, 11 years after their marriage. In her latest vlog, Debina Bonnerjee shared how a lot of women on her announcement post shared that they are often questioned why they aren't a mother yet. Debina Bonnerjee shared that such questions after marriage affect a lot of women but they shouldn't let them. 

debina bonnerjee conception pregnancy vlog

Debina Bonnerjee advised her followers to keep themselves calm and goals intact and don't let the criticism affect them. She further shared that one must just have a vision in their mind and follow it. She further talked about her own journey, how she came from Kolkata, from a non-filmy background, and made her place, built her own house and is now living a successful life. 

Debina Bonnerjee On Trying Different Approaches For Conception

It wasn't easy for Debina and Gurmeet to conceive their first baby. The couple tried a lot of different approaches through the years to finally be able to conceive. In her vlog, Debina recalled her pregnancy journey. 

debina bonnerjee pregnancy

She said, "I visited doctors, gynecologists to IVF specialists to find out what the problem is. I had endometriosis, for that, I did all kinds of treatments. I did acupuncture, it is a therapy where they remove all the toxins from the body. Endometriosis is a condition wherein bleeding happens inside the walls of the uterus and it can cause problems during conception. I needed to solve this situation. I took allopathic medicine, I did Ayurveda, acupuncture, and cleaning of the system."

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What Is Endometriosis?


It is a painful condition wherein the tissue which normally inside your uterus starts to grow outside your uterus. Women with this condition are more likely to have infertility or have difficulties in getting pregnant. 

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Some common symptoms of endometriosis is excessive menstrual cramps, heavy menstrual flow, pain during intercourse, bloating m nausea among others. Debina Bonnerjee in her vlog shared that she suffered from excessive period pain during this condition and she felt that it wasn't normal, after which she visited a doctor to find out what was the problem. She also advised her viewers to not ignore their period pain. She shared that all through her teens, she never felt pain during her periods but in the last 2-3 years, she started feeling terrible pain. She suggested that women should reach out to a doctor if they are having painful periods and it shouldn't be taken lightly. 

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